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["The Hustler" arriving in Shreveport, Louisana]

Description: Known in the Pelican State as the Louisiana and Arkansas Railway's "The Hustler," train No. 4-203, northbound, arriving in Shreveport, Louisiana from New Orleans on an April morning in 1939. The small Pacific, type 4-6-2 locomotive, which heads this passenger train, carries the train's name etched on a metal plate attached to the boiler front, positioned below the headlight. These overnight trains - operating between New Orleans and Shreveport were popular over a long span of years, making the approximate 329.4 mile run in about 10 hours. A portion of the route was over Louisiana and Arkansas rails and also over Louisiana Railway and Navigation company's rails. This subsidiary of the Kansas city Southern Lines was known as the "Edenborn Line".
Date: April 1939
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad

["Texas Special" departing from Dallas]

Description: Katy's "Texas Special" train No. 1, southbound, is headed by Frisco's No. 2006 diesel unit as it departs from Dallas.
Date: April 14, 1952
Creator: Plummer, Roger S.
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad

[Cleveland Union Station]

Description: One of the most impressive railroad terminals in the United States is the Cleveland Union Station. The main entrance to the station is integral with the terminal group of buildings facing the Public Square. These buildings include the Hotel Cleveland, Medical Arts Builder's Exchange Building, Midland Bank Building, the Higbee Company's Department Store Building and the 52-story Terminal Tower.
Date: April 8, 1948
Creator: Nowak, Ed
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad

[Menu from the "Electro-Liner"]

Description: Menu from the Chicago, North Shore and Milwaukee Railway's "Electro-Liner" train No. 805, northbound enroute to Milwaukee.
Date: April 1958
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad

["The Texas Special" entering Dallas]

Description: First run of the "Texas Special" Engine No. 101 enroute from San Antonio to St. Louis on April 21, 1948 as it enters Dallas at 2:00 pm.
Date: April 21, 1948
Creator: Plummer, Roger S.
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad

["The Ranger" near Dougherty, Oklahoma]

Description: Santa Fe's No. 1, with two diesel units heading "The Ranger" train No. 6, northbound, with a consist of ten cars, in Big Canyon near Dougherty, Oklahoma, close to the Arbuckle mountain range. The image has been attributed to photographer Preston George.
Date: April 1937
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad

[Maiden Run of "North Coast Limited"]

Description: An intriguing photograph of Northern Pacific Railroad's first "North Coast Limited" which made its maiden run on April 29, 1900. The train is headed by a ten-wheeler, type 4-6-0 locomotive bearing the Engine No. 271, with a consist of eight handcrafted wooden cars - all having open platforms and underbody truss rods - heated by potbellied iron stoves and illuminated by kerosene. This was the first electrically-lighted train to operate between the Midwest and the North Pacific Coast - it also introduced such travel comforts as steam heat, baths, and barber-valet service - inaugurating the era of travel luxury on the rails.
Date: April 29, 1900
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad