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[Pamphlet: "Los Hílos De Oaxaca, an Exhibition on Traditional Textiles" Family Guide]

Description: Family guidebook that details an exhibition that was presented by the Mexic-Arte Museum entitled, "Los Hílos De Oaxaca [The Threads of Oaxaca], an Exhibition on Traditional Textiles". The front cover features a large photograph of an embroidered flower as well as the exhibition title in a script typeface above. The English translation of the name is also included in uppercase letters along with the subheading "A Family Guide" and the exhibition dates. The inside cover of the guidebook includes a list of all the contributors that worked on an aspect of the exhibition. The first page features an introductory paragraph that describes the nature and meaning of the exhibition. The rest of the guide consists of headings that describe either indigenous Hispanic cultures or inspired Hispanic textile artists. Each heading is followed by passages that explain the subject further in depth and as it relates to the exhibition. There is a simple map of several tribal boundaries on pages four and five of the guide. Page 19 is dedicated to explaining ancient "Textile Techniques & Dying Methods", and is accompanied by a labelled diagram of a loom on page 18. The last two pages of the guidebook contain two interactive activities; the first is a list of relevant words that the reader is asked to find the definitions for in the guidebook. The second activity contains a box with an outline of a traditional Hispanic garment inside. The reader is asked to create a meaningful design on the garment inspired by "Huipil design". The back cover of the guidebook features several logos of various sponsors as well as a small paragraph about the Mexic-Arte Museum.
Date: 2006
Creator: Hernandez, Alberto McKelligan & Richter, Lacey
Partner: Mexic-Arte Museum

[Postcard: Iker Larrauri: Ikerkinesis]

Description: Postcard for an exhibit at the Mexic-Arte Museum entitled "Ikerkinesis", which celebrates the art of Mexican artist Iker Larrauri. On one side of the flyer, two of Larrauri's drawings frame a short write-up about the artists' style and influences, as well as basic event information. The opposite side of the flyer features a copy of an original silkscreen print by Larrauri and some information about purchasing a copy of the print.
Date: 2000
Partner: Mexic-Arte Museum

[Invitation: Images]

Description: Invitation to an event at Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin, Texas about Imagenes, a book of Spanish poetry by Sue Littleton, with a presentation by Nestor Lugones. The event was held Tuesday, January 23rd, 1990 and was sponsored by several organizations.
Date: January 1990
Creator: Mexic-Arte Museum (Austin, Tex.)
Partner: Mexic-Arte Museum

[Booklet: Realidades Mexicanas and La Muerte Vive]

Description: Catalog of two exhibits from the Austin, Texas. One exhibit was called "La Muerte Vive" and the other was named "Realidades Mexicanas" and showed off Mexican and Mexican American artworks. The catalog also includes information about the Mexic-Arte Museum, the exhibits and other topics.
Date: 1985
Creator: Mexic-Arte Museum (Austin, Tex.)
Partner: Mexic-Arte Museum