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[Letter from Russell P. Anderson to I. H. Kempner, August 6, 1962]

Description: Letter from Russell P. Anderson to I. H. Kempner asking Kempner to send his pass and check for his trunks to Anderson so the Meinrath Brokerage Company can handle the re-checking of his baggage.
Date: August 6, 1962
Creator: Anderson, Russell P.
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Letter from R. M. Armstrong to Russell Anderson, August 3, 1962]

Description: Letter from R. M. Armstrong to Russell Anderson discussing Mr. and Mrs. Kempner traveling to the Whiteface Inn in Lake Placid New York and explaining the Kempners want their baggage to be moved to Lake Placid to Chicago then re-expressed from Chicago to Galveston upon the Kempner's return to Galveston.
Date: August 3, 1962
Creator: Armstrong, R. M.
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Letter from A. H. Blackshear, Jr. to Eastman Kodak Company, August 21, 1950]

Description: Letter from A. H. Blackshear to Eastman Kodak Company stating the letter addressed to Daniel Kempner arrived after Kempner departed for Europe. Blackshear asks that if they did not receive payment to let him know and they will send a duplicate.
Date: August 21, 1950
Creator: Blackshear, A. H., Jr.
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Letter from T. N. Carswell to Georgia Bay Line - August 27, 1953]

Description: A letter addressed to Georgia Bay Line, Chicago, Illinois from T. N. Carswell, dated August 27, 1953. Carswell requests "a friendly chore" for a fruit basket and candy to be placed in the cruise cabin for Mr. J. B. Dalton.
Date: August 27, 1953
Creator: Carswell, T. N. (Thomas Norwood)
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Letter from Eastman Kodak Company to Daniel W. Kempner, August 30, 1950]

Description: Letter from the Eastman Kodak Company to Daniel W. Kempner informing Mr. Kempner that check he had sent with his film has not been located but not to send another as the work he needs done can only be handled by the Eastman Kodak Company's Rocester location.
Date: August 30, 1950
Creator: Eastman Kodak Company
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Letter from V. P. Hamilton to D. W. Kempner, August 29, 1939]

Description: Letter from V. P. Hamilton to D. W. Kempner apologizing for the previous poor reception of the edited film and hope that this time it would be satisfactory and if not to send it back for further editing.
Date: August 29, 1939
Creator: Hamilton, V. P.
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Letter from Mrs. Harmon to Mrs. Kempner, August 9, 1944]

Description: Letter from Mrs. Harmon to Mrs. Kempner about the convention in Texas, the units in Texas, and meeting with Mrs. Reed for assistance with organization.
Date: August 9, 1944
Creator: Harmon, Rosemary Walling
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Letter from D. W. Kempner to A. N. Marquis Company, August 18, 1949]

Description: Letter from D. W. Kempner to A. N. Marquis Company asking why his daughter was not included in the 1948-1949 edition of Who's Who despite being in the monthly supplement.
Date: August 18, 1949
Creator: Kempner, Daniel W. (Daniel Webster), 1877-1956
Partner: Rosenberg Library
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