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[Transcript of Letter from Pierre Menard, August 27, 1801]

Description: Copy of transcript for a letter from Pierre Menard, on August 27, 1801, asking for several barrels of sugar and coffee to be sent to them in Illinois.
Date: August 27, 1801
Creator: Menard, Pierre
Partner: The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

[Letter from Arthur Fehr to Henry W. Horst, January 27, 1930]

Description: Letter from Arthur Fehr to Henry W. Horst, discussing G. Viehweg's request for a separate parlor, dining room, sleeping porch, and basement at his on-campus residence.
Date: January 27, 1930
Creator: Fehr, Arthur
Partner: Concordia University Texas

[Letter from Elmer Holcomb Wheatly to Josephine Wheatly, July 27, 1904]

Description: Letter written to Josephine Wheatly from her husband, Elmer Holcomb Wheatly. In the letter, Elmer talks about a type of kidney pills that might help Josephine feel better, as well as his visit with her father one night. Finally he wishes Josephine a "nice time in Belleville this week with love to all and kisses for you."
Date: July 27, 1904
Creator: Wheatly, Elmer Holcomb
Partner: Private Collection of Margay Welch

[Letter from Louis Hoover]

Description: A letter from Louis Hoover to Carl B. Compton regarding a catalog of his traveling exhibits.
Date: September 27, 1944
Creator: Hoover, Louis
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Robert Markle Armstrong to W. H. Louviere, March 27, 1953]

Description: Letter from Robert Markle Armstrong to W. H. Louviere discussing the ten heaviest sugar volume states and the U. S. A. deliveries since 1949. The total deliveries are listed for each year for multiple states.
Date: March 27, 1953
Creator: Armstrong, Robert Markle
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Memo from H. B. Vanderblue to Personnel Adjutants, September 27, 1918]

Description: Memorandum from the office of the Army Adjutant General to the commander of Camp Grant, forwarded by 1st. Lt. H. B. Vanderblue to unit personnel adjutants, stating that rubber stamps are no longer permitted on "E & A Cards, Form 22-2 A.G.O."
Date: September 27, 1918
Creator: Vanderblue, Homer B. & Bates, W.
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Letter from T. N. Carswell to Georgia Bay Line - August 27, 1953]

Description: A letter addressed to Georgia Bay Line, Chicago, Illinois from T. N. Carswell, dated August 27, 1953. Carswell requests "a friendly chore" for a fruit basket and candy to be placed in the cruise cabin for Mr. J. B. Dalton.
Date: August 27, 1953
Creator: Carswell, T. N. (Thomas Norwood)
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library
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