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[Christmas Card to Johnie Louise Bruyere]

Description: A Christmas card addressed to Johnie Louise Bruyere, from a man who signs himself "John R." It has a painting of a small cottage in the woods on the cover, with the word "Greetings" underneath. Inside, it reads "To wish you all happiness for Christmas and the New Year."
Date: December 23, 1933
Partner: Private Collection of T. B. Willis

[Correspondence between Herman E. Talmadge and Eleanor Brown]

Description: Letter from Senator Talmadge to Eleanor Brown acknowledging receipt of her letter. He mentions that he has forwarded her letter to one of her Congressional representatives. A typewritten response from Brown at the bottom of the letter requests that her letter be given to Talmadge since he serves on the Senate's Veterans' Affairs Committee.
Date: November 23, 1976
Creator: Talmadge, Herman E.
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum

[Correspondence from E.M. Pease to Lucadia Pease]

Description: The third in a series of eleven letters to Lucadia Pease from E.M. Pease—in them he discusses, among other things, yellow-fever and typhoid epidemics.
Date: May 23, 1868
Creator: Pease, Elisha Marshall
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

[Correspondence Regarding Francisco Martinez]

Description: Letter written from the court in Nuevo Laredo to the mayor of Laredo, Texas notifying him that Francisco Martinez has been stabbed to death and asking that his relatives be informed. A reply from the Laredo city council to the mayor of Nuevo Laredo asks them to turn over Martinez's body to his relatives for burial.
Date: November 23, 1866
Partner: St. Mary's University Louis J. Blume Library

[Correspondence Regarding Release of Volume 14]

Description: Correspondence between various officials and N. Alex Beckley, City Attorney. Beckley advises that Volume 14 of the "Texas Supplemental Report on the Assassination of Pres. Kennedy and the Wounding of Governor Connally" would prove detrimental if it released.
Date: [1970-01-23..1970-02-11]
Creator: Dallas (Tex.). Police Department.
Partner: Dallas Municipal Archives

[Email from Daniel Graney to multiple recipients]

Description: Email from Daniel Graney to multiple recipients on November 23, 2008 discussing new TSDC website that Brad Briseno is developing, and merchant account for credit card processing online.
Date: November 23, 2008
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Email from John McClelland to officers of 2010]

Description: Email from John McClelland to Dan Graney, Kaye Gooch, Brett Burnham, Al Daniels, Erin Moore, Dave Wozniak, Eloy Machuca, and Rich Abraham on December 23, 2009 discussing Stonewall Democrats of Denton County officers of 2010.
Date: December 23, 2009
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Email from Linda Allen to members]

Description: Email correspondence between Linda Allen, Al Daniels, Daniel Graney, Mike McCue, Ken Denson, and Erin Moore on February 22, 2009 to February 23, 2009, discussing adding information to SDD website.
Date: February 23, 2009
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Form letter from B. R. Blankenship and T. N. Carswell, Taylor County Democratic Executive Committee addressed To All Members Taylor County Democratic Executive Committee - July 23, 1954]

Description: A letter addressed to the members of the Taylor County Democratic Executive Committee from B. R. Blankenship, Chairman, and T. N. Carswell, Secretary, dated July 23, 1954. A call to all members of the Committee to meet to canvass the election returns of the July 24 Primary.
Date: July 23, 1954
Creator: Blankenship, B. R.
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Form letter from Betty Christian to T. N. Carswell - December 23, 1953]

Description: A form letter written to Mr. T. N. Carswell, Chairman, Taylor County Parole Board, from Howard Carney, Administrator Interstate Parole Compact (by Betty Christian, Chief, Parole Division), Department of State, Texas dated December 23, 1953. The letter advises of enclosed copies of two letters from California regarding Subject No. 17095.
Date: December 23, 1953
Creator: Christian, Betty
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Form letter from E. M. Collier addressed to Trustee - February 23, 1954]

Description: A form letter addressed to Trustee from E. M. Collier, Administrator, Hendrick Memorial Hospital dated February 23, 1954. Notification by Collier that a meeting of the Board is called. He advises of the opportunity to contribute to a going away gift for Fred Higginbotham who was elected Administrator of Baptist Hospital in San Antonio.
Date: February 23, 1954
Creator: Collier, E. M.
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Form letter from F. E. Carter addressed to The Medicinal Permit Holders - October 23, 1940]

Description: A form letter addressed to The Medicinal Permit Holders from Nineteenth Street Pharmacy, Lubbock, Texas, signed by F. E. Carter, Owner, dated October 23, 1940. The letter urges druggists to contribute $100 for the purpose of retaining the present law in Texas relating to dispensing liquor through prescriptions, and to support Mr. Max W. Boyer who is well known for having been responsible in a large measure during his four years in the legislature for the present retention of the medicinal permi… more
Date: October 23, 1940
Creator: Carter, F. E.
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library
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