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Oral History Interview with Lorena Andrade, July 17, 2015

Description: Interview with Lorena Andrade, civil rights and labor activist from El Paso, Texas. Ms. Andrade was born in Los Angeles, California and attended the University of Minnesota, where she became involved with Chicano activism. In El Paso, she has been an advocate for labor and founded the organization La Mujer Obrera, The Working Woman, to support women affected by NAFTA.
Date: July 17, 2015
Creator: Andrade, Lorena; Enriquez, Sandra & Robles, David
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

Oral History Interview with Fermin Dorado, July 24, 2015

Description: Interview with Fermin Dorado, civil rights activist from El Paso, Texas. In his interview, Dorado discusses growing up in the Segundo Barrio in El Paso, his education, living in Chicago, military service, and his activism in the Chicano movement.
Date: July 24, 2015
Creator: Robles, David; Enriquez, Sandra & Dorado, Fermin
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

Oral History Interview with Pauline Gasca-Valenciano, June 10, 2015

Description: Interview with Pauline Gasca Valenciano, a civil rights activist from Fort Worth, Texas. She became involved in politics in the early 1960s, when she volunteered for Viva Kennedy. She later worked with the Democratic party, LULAC, and the American GI Forum. She was an advocate for migrant farm workers and honored by the National Association of Human Rights for her work in civil rights.
Date: June 10, 2015
Creator: Enriquez, Sandra; Robles, David; Krochmal, Max & Gasca-Valenciano, Pauline
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

Oral History Interview with Eloy Barrera, July 22, 2016

Description: Mr. Barrera grew up in and around Del Rio, Texas. His father was a sheep sheerer. Barrera talked about the importance of education to his parents and learning "proper" Spanish. He also talked about the San Felipe barrio and the schools. Later he moved out of the barrio into a more mixed community. He talked about the disparity in sporting equipment between Del Rio ISD & San Felipe. He also talked about teaching drama in Del Rio, the march in 1969, and the impact of school consolidation in 1971. He also mentioned discrimination his drama students experienced during a UIL meet where they were the better team but the Anglo judges gave the win to another team.
Date: July 22, 2016
Creator: Arionus, Steve & Barrera, Eloy
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

Oral History Interview with Ruben Bonilla, June 28, 2016

Description: Ruben Bonilla is an attorney in Corpus Christi. He is a graduate of The University of Texas (B.A.) and The University of Texas School of Law (J.D.) Admitted to the State Bar in 1971, he advocated for the Mexican American community with such groups as LULAC, the American G.I. Forum and the Texas Mexican-American Democrats. In his interview, he recounted his role as LULAC national president and civic leader.
Date: June 28, 2016
Creator: Acuña-Gurrola, Moisés & Bonilla, Ruben
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

Oral History Interview with Daniel Noyola on June 15, 2016.

Description: During his 44 year career, Daniel Noyola worked as an educator, coach and administrator for the Corpus Christi and West Oso independent school districts. Noyola spent 26 years of his career at West Oso ISD and 18 years at Corpus Christi ISD. Noyola grew up in West Oso's Molina neighborhood.
Date: June 15, 2016
Creator: Acuña-Gurrola, Moisés & Noyola, Daniel
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

Oral History Interview with Socorro Medina on June 5, 2016

Description: Socorro "Coco" Medina grew up in Amarillo and attending university in Denver, where she joined the Chicano Movement. She returned to Amarillo and began to push for social justice in the Panhandle through the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and other mainstream organizations. She also launched the first Spanish language radio station in the city alongside her husband and is currently helping preserve the history of the city's Mexican American population.
Date: June 5, 2016
Creator: Zapata, Joel & Medina, Socorro
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

Oral History Interview with Frank Partida on June 16, 2016.

Description: Frank Partida was born in 1928 in Magnolia Park, an Mexican-American enclave in Houston, Texas. He talks about his experiences with stark segregation in Magnolia Park and the greater Houston area and how his grandfather, Elias Ramirez, was a founder of Sociedad Mutualista Benito Juarez and LULAC Council #60. Partida was involved in the Political Association of Spanish-Speaking Organizations, LULAC Council #60, and Viva Kennedy clubs. He talks about his political experiences and later work in local War on Poverty programs and union organizing. He also speaks about the first Spanish language radio station in Houston, KLVL, and how Mickey Leland and Barbara Jordan facilitated bridges between the Mexican-American and African- American communities.
Date: June 16, 2016
Creator: Enriquez, Sandra; Rodriguez, Samantha & Partida, Frank
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

Oral History Interview with Lupe Mendez on July 6, 2016

Description: Guadalupe "Lupe" Mendez was born in 1976 in Jalisco, Mexico and came of age in Galveston. On the island, he spent his early years in the Mexican American Magnolia Homes and the African American Palm Terrace, two public housing projects that were destroyed during Hurricane Ike. Mendez attended Catholic schools and had to overcome the lack of bilingual education programs. He eventually relocated to Houston to attend the University of St. Thomas, where he as participated in several ethnic and cross-racial literary endeavors including Nuestra Palabra, the Word Around Town, and Tintero Projects. Mendez talks about how the Latina/o community is the silent minority in Galveston, the political machine on the island, and how hurricanes have shaped the social, political, and economic landscape of Galveston. He also discusses the goal and purpose of Nuestra Palabra and Tinero Projects in providing a space for Latina/o poets and writers, how the World Around Town brings together ethnically diverse poets to present in several communities throughout Houston, his dedication to bilingual education, and the struggle for Mexican American Studies in K-12.
Date: July 6, 2016
Creator: Enriquez, Sandra; Rodriguez, Samantha & Mendez, Lupe
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

Oral History Interview with Hector Mendez, July 21, 2016

Description: Hector Mendez was raised in Big Lake, Texas and attended Angelo State University, where he was part of the Mexican American Student organization that called for ethnic studies in the university. He later attended the university of Texas Permian Basin for his master’s degree in education. He became the superintendent of Ector County Independent School District in the 2000s as conservative trustees led the district.
Date: July 21, 2016
Creator: Wisely, Karen; Zapata, Joel & Mendez, Hector
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

Oral History Interview with K.T. McLeaish, July 11, 2016

Description: K.T. McLeaish was born and raised Granbury, Texas. She briefly attended the University of Northern Colorado before returning to Texas. McLeaish is retired from a long-time, non-paying career of political activism (she was once an elected member of the Democratic National Committee). She's been married to a prominent West Texas criminal lawyer (Michael McLeaish) for 32 years and they've lived in Odessa, TX for the past 34 years. She has also been on the now closed Premium Basin Planned Parenthood.
Date: July 11, 2016
Creator: Wisely, Karen & Zapata, Joel
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

Oral History Interview with Elwyn Lee, June 22, 2016

Description: Elwin Lee was born in Virgina and was raised in Third Ward, a historic African American neighborhood in Houston, TX. He talks about segregation in Houston, the vibrancy of Third Ward, and the Texas Southern University "riot." Lee also discusses how he went to Yale Law School and returned to Houston to become the first African American tenured at the University of Houston Law School. After serving as the director of African American Studies for a couple of years and reviving the program, Lee built upon the student and community relationships he developed at the time to serve as the Vice President of Student Affairs. He discusses how he is currently involved in efforts to bridge the university and Third Ward by figuring out how the school can assist education, health, and economic empowerment.
Date: June 22, 2016
Creator: Enriquez, Sandra; Rodriguez, Samantha & Lee, Elwyn
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

Oral History Interview with Bertha Linton on July 25, 2016

Description: Berta Perez Linton was born in 1942 or 1943 in Brady, Texas. She attended schools in Melvin, Texas until 7th grade while her family lived in a ranch. Linton’s family then moved to San Angelo, Texas where she graduated from Central High School in 1961. Linton attended Angelo College for one year and a half before transferring to the University of Texas at Austin. Linton graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a major in elementary education in 1967. She taught bilingual education in Austin Schools before attending Texas Southern University’s Welcome to Thurgood Marshall School of Law, graduating in 1977. Linton then moved to San Angelo where she was the counsel for the local LULAC council. She still practices law in San Angelo.
Date: July 25, 2016
Creator: Wisely, Karen; Zapata, Joel & Linton, Bertha
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

Oral History Interview with Felipa Lara, July 26, 2016

Description: Felipa Lara was born in Pecos Texas in 1946. In Pecos, she went to East Pecos Junior High and Pecos High School. All her schooling up to high school was within segregated schools. Lara married at seventeen and moved to Midland in 1962. In Midland, Felipa worked for the school district, particularly in the district’s migrant program. When LULAC was founded in Midland (1985), Lara joined the group as LULAC sued for single member districts at the county, city, school board, and college board levels. Overall, Lara worked within social services for Midland Independent school district for twenty-seven years. Lara also participated in anti-police brutality alongside Brown Berets in Midland during the 1990s.
Date: July 26, 2016
Creator: Wisely, Karen; Zapata, Joel & Lara, Felipa
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

Oral History Interview with Arturo Leal, July 16, 2016

Description: Art Leal was born and raised in Odessa, Texas. Leal graduated from Odessa High School, after which he joined the U.S. Army and served in the first Gulf War. He graduated from Odessa College and the University of Texas at the Permian Basin. Leal ran for mayor of Odessa in 2008. Leal has been Ector County Democrat Precinct 406 Chair, is a member Mexican American Democrats Texas, has organized first Cesar Chavez Day March in Odessa, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Declamations in Odessa, Civic Participation Workshops in Odessa, of Election Debates/Forums in Ector County, multiple 1st Amendment Demonstrations in Odessa, is past Chairman Una Voz Unida of Odessa, is past Board Member Black Chamber of Commerce, is past Ambassador Odessa Chamber of Commerce, is past Board Member City of Odessa Planning Board of Adjustments, is past Chairman Odessa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and is past Co Chair March of Dimes. Finally Leal help start the Brown Berets Odessa (the city’s second Brown Beret group).
Date: July 16, 2016
Creator: Zapata, Joel & Leal, Arturo
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

Oral History Interview with Daler Wade, July 25, 2016

Description: Mrs. Wade attended an all-Black school in Houston and during freedom of choice the Black students collectively decided not to integrate because white school officials had sought to only allow the top Black students to integrate. Wade benefited from the land ownership of her family. By owning land, Wade's mother was able to take care of her two children following the early death of her husband. Wade attributed her father's early death to an injury that occurred during his military service. Wade also attributed her brother contracting polio and her mother's subsequent difficulty obtaining care for her brother to discrimination. Wade's mother initially worked in menial jobs despite having a degree because she could not be hired as an secretary. Wade's mother ultimately started in the 1960s and sustained her own in-home business for decades. Wade described her schooling experiences at Texas Woman's University and Texas Christian University. Wade received some negative feedback from her teacher's for deciding to not attend a historically Black college or university. Wade decided to attend a predominantly white university because she was curious about the level of education white people were receiving. Wade began a career in corporate America shortly after graduating from TCU and ultimately became very successful and had the opportunity to travel the world. Wade now does community outreach work with her organization "Jack and Jill of America."
Date: July 25, 2016
Creator: Howard, Jasmine & Wade, Daler
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

Oral History Interview with Gloria Toran, June 30, 2016

Description: Ms. Toran was raised in Nigton, a small community in East Texas, by her highly-educated father and step-mother, who were also educators. Ms. Toran attended segregated schools in Lufkin and then went on to become a school-teacher and counselor in Lufkin schools. She was the first black school counselor in Lufkin schools. In the interview, she discussed growing up in Nigton, the accomplishments of her father, schools in Lufkin, changes over time in the black community. Ms. Toran described the responses to integration, including demonstrations by the KKK in the 1970s.
Date: June 20, 2016
Creator: Howard, Jasmin & Toran, Gloria
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

Oral History Interview with Mary Tolbert, July 22, 2016

Description: Mrs. Tolbert was born in 1943 in Cleveland. Tolbert grew up in Houston until she moved to Conroe in the 4th grade. Tolbert attended school in Bordersville while living in Houston. In Bordersville the neighborhood was integrated with a Mexican American and African American population. Tolbert graduated from Booker T. Washington in Conroe. She began working for law enforcement in 1984 after a few years of attempting. Tolbert experienced and witnessed explicit discrimination, racism, and sexism while working as a Deputy Sheriff in Montgomery County. Tolbert currently mentors young girls.
Date: July 22, 2016
Creator: Howard, Jasmine & Tolbert, Mary
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library