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["California Zephyr" leaving Chicago]

Description: Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad's "California Zephyr", one of the nation's greatest trains, is leaving Chicago for the Pacific Coast, making a cross-over on the main line tracks south of the Chicago's Union Station in October 1963.
Date: October 1963
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad

[Six Tracks of the Chicago Union Station]

Description: Six tracks south of the Chicago Union Station were busy on this autumn day in 1963. Burlington commuter train (center) backs into the station. The Morning Zephyr is pulled by a switcher on its way to be washed, turned and cleaned for its return run to the Twin Cities as the Afternoon Zephyr. Pennsylvania's The General is departing for New York and the Broadway Limited, which has just arrived from the East, is backing into the terminal.
Date: 1963
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad

[Engine 183 above the Toltec Gorge]

Description: Rio Grande's engine No. 483 exits from Toltec Tunnel No. 2 on narrow gauge rails between Alamosa and Durango, Colorado. This is above Toltec Gorge with the Garfield Monument located about 100 feet west of the tunnel portal. Rocky cliffs are to the left of the track and a railing is to the right.
Date: 1960~
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad

[Steam locomotive in Durango, Colorado]

Description: Photograph of the Denver and Rio Grande Western's engine No. 473, stopped at Durango, Colorado. Two men are standing in front of the train and appear to be inspecting one of the cars. Mountains are visible in the background and there is snow on the ground. This engine is a Mikado type 2-8-2 locomotive, which headed passenger trains on narrow gauge rails between Alamosa and Durango and also on the Durango-Silverton line.
Date: 1959~
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad

[Two trains in Alamosa, Colorado]

Description: A contrast in Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad's steam and motive power --- "the San Juan" train No. 215 headed by engine No. 472, a Mikado type 2-8-2 awaits departure signal for its scheduled run over narrow gauge rails to Durango, Colorado. Next to it is passenger train Mo. 15, headed by engine No. 1703, a Mountain type 4-8-2, arriving in Alamose from Denver.
Date: 1943~
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad

["Super Chief" dining car]

Description: The passenger gourmet is ushered to a fine setting of snowy linens, gleaming, gleaming silver and superb cuisine aboard the dining car in the consist of the Santa Fe's "Super Chief". The tradition of food and service as provided by Fred Harvey beginning in the early days of this railroad remains constant.
Date: unknown
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad

[Observation Car on the Hiawatha]

Description: Interior view of the Milwaukee Road's observation parlor car with sky-top lounge having a 90% transparent area dome that forms an aero-dynamic terminating shape for the end of the train. This scene is aboard the "Afternoon Hiawatha", train No. 2 southbound, enroute from Minneapolis to Chicago.
Date: 1958
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad

["Hiawatha" Luxury Train]

Description: Among the greatest luxury passenger trains operated in this nation were the Milwaukee Road's "Morning" and "Afternoon" Hiawathas, providing convenient and fast service between Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Minneapolis. In this scene, a Hiawatha speeds over the route.
Date: 1958
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad
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