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Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware test 3-11 on the Texas T101 bridge rail

Description: The Texas T101 bridge rail is widely used in the state of Texas. Previous testing demonstrated its ability to contain and redirect passenger cars and a 20,000-lb school bus. Based on this testing, the Federal Highway Administration accepted the T101 bridge rail as an NCHRP Report 350 TL-3 barrier. However, its impact performance with pickup trucks was never evaluated. Under research project 0-5526, Impact Performance of Roadside Safety Appurtenances, researchers conducted a performance assessment of Texas roadside safety devices to help evaluate the impact of adopting the new AASHTO Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) guidelines on current hardware. Testing and evaluation of the T101 bridge rail was recommended as a high priority. This recommendation was based primarily on the absence of pickup truck testing on the system, and concerns that the 27-inch rail height may not be compatible with pickup trucks and SUVs under design impact conditions. The T101 bridge rail did not meet MASH evaluation criteria for test 3-11. The vehicle overturned after losing contact with the barrier.
Date: March 2011
Creator: Bligh, Roger P. & Menges, Wanda L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Development of a precast bridge deck overhang system

Description: This research investigated the overhang and shear capacity of a precast overhang system for potential use during the construction of bridges with precast overhang panels. The research was performed in three phases: the Phase 1 research including work specifically for the Rock Creek Bridge in Parker County, Texas; the Phase 2 research for general precast overhang panels, and; the Phase 3 research investigating the shear capacity. Grout material characteristics were also assessed for possible use in the haunch; constructability issues were also addressed.
Date: February 2011
Creator: Trejo, David; Head, Monique H.; Mander, John; Mander, Thomas J.; Henley, Mathew; Scott, Reece et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Realtime monitoring of bridge scour using remote monitoring technology

Description: The research performed in this project focuses on the application of instruments including accelerometers and tiltmeters to monitor bridge scour. First, two large scale laboratory experiments were performed. One experiment is the simulation of a bridge with a shallow foundation, and the other is the simulation of a bridge with a deep foundation. A series of instruments were installed on the simulated bridge to monitor the performance of the bridge due to scour. Both the shallow foundation experiment and deep foundation experiment show that accelerometers and tiltmeters can be used in scour monitoring events since both give warning of bridge failure successfully. Subsequently, two individual monitoring systems were designed and installed on two bridges: US59 over Guadalupe River Bridge and SH80 over San Antonio River Bridge in Texas. Realtime data are collected and transmitted to a computer server at Texas A&M University, which can be accessed remotely. The instrumentation on the two bridges does not show great hope of application of accelerometers to monitor bridge scour because of a lack of sufficient excitation from traffic. Another issue with the accelerometers is the high power consumption during the transmission of accelerometer data, which cannot be satisfied with a typical solar panel and battery. Tiltmeters can provide the integral behavior of the bridge, and therefore are very useful devices for scour monitoring. Guidelines and protocols for scour monitoring based on the US59 over Guadalupe River Bridge and the SH80 over San Antonio River Bridge are provided in the study.
Date: February 2011
Creator: Briaud, Jean-Louis; Hurlebaus, Stefan; Chang, Kuang-An; Yao, Congpu; Sharma, Hrishikesh; Yu, Ok-Youn et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department