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[Men with Motorcycles at Camp Mabry]

Description: Photograph of a group of men posing with motorcycles at Camp Mabry. Some are sitting on the motorcycles and some are standing behind them. They are all dressed in military uniforms. Tents are in the background. Handwritten note on the back reads, "Taken about the middle of the detachment street, reading left to right, Griffith, Jay Bird Werner, Schnidge, Buron, Morgan, Baes, Ewing, Kone, me with head turned, Krohn on motorcycle, Sally, Rowe, Poteet standing center back."
Date: 191u
Location Info:
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

[The First Motorcycle in Mineral Wells]

Description: A caption, taken from "Time Was..." by A. F. Weaver, on page 116 states: "Pictured in 1908 is Frank Richards, owner of the first motorcycle bought in Mineral Wells. D. C. Harris owned the second motorcycle." Frank Richards was the manager of the Star Well during Mineral Wells' heyday as a popular health spa, and the boy on the motorbike with him has been identified as his son, Robert Frank Richards. D. C. Harris was the postmaster, and served as Mayor of the city at one time.
Date: 1908
Partner: Boyce Ditto Public Library

[Photograph of Monk and Roxie Williford on Motorcycle]

Description: Holiday greeting card with a photograph of an elderly man and woman sitting on a motorcycle on a tree-shaded pathway, the man sitting in front of the woman. The man is wearing a cowboy hat and the woman is wearing a head-scarf. Holiday greetings are printed next to the photo. Handwritten notes on the back of the card indicate the names of the photo's subject and the date upon which the photo in the postcard was taken.
Date: unknown
Partner: Murphy Historical Society Inc.

Frame For Motor-Bicycles.

Description: Patent for a frame for motor bicycles that focuses on creating a place where the engine of the bike can be situated compactly and securely, including illustrations.
Date: October 14, 1913
Creator: White, Edward Y.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Carl on Motorcycle

Description: Copy negative of Carl Rasmussen leaning on his motorcycle outside of H. J. Rasmussen's farm. Carl is wearing a buttoned shirt and fitted trousers with a utility belt, lace-up boots, goggles and a rag on his head. An agricultural building is visible in the background of the image.
Date: unknown
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Motorcycles in Front of Blacksmith Shop in Avoca

Description: Copy negative of men standing in front of Carl Harton's blacksmith shop in Avoca Texas. Three of the men are seated on motorcycles, while five other men stand around the bikes. The men are wearing overalls, plaid shirts, peacoats, buttoned sweaters, and vests. They are also wearing cabbie hats, fedoras, and cowboy hats.
Date: unknown
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[Two Young Men on Motorcycle]

Description: Postcard of two young unidentified men on a motorcycle. One of the men is riding piggy-back on the other. He wears a dark-colored outfit and has placed his left hand on his companion's head. The man providing the piggy-back holds the handlebars of the motorcycle and wears a light-colored outfit. Both look towards the camera. They are in an empty, broad plot of land with short grasses.
Date: unknown
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[South Side Salvage]

Description: Photograph of the South Side Salvage in Wellington, Texas. There is a small, white building with a motorcycle parked in front of it. Multiple cars can be seen in the background.
Date: unknown
Partner: Collingsworth County Museum

[Officer on Motorcycle]

Description: Photograph of an officer, identified as Tommy Baxter, on his motorcycle. He is wearing a full uniform and sunglasses, and driving towards the camera. Writing on the back of the photograph reads, "Seawall 1942-1949."
Date: 1942-1949
Partner: Museum of the Gulf Coast

[Group with Motorcycle and Old Automobiles]

Description: Photograph of a group of people between two automobiles and a motorcycle. They are standing beneath a cover stretched across the automobiles and facing towards the camera. One man off to the right of the group is leaning on the wheel of an automobile. The back of the photograph is a postcard.
Date: unknown
Partner: Museum of the Gulf Coast

[Interior of Motorcycle Shop]

Description: Photograph of the interior of Fred Miller's Motorcycle Shop. Four men are standing behind the counter, and one man is leaning on a motorcycle and holding the handlebars. There are shelves on the walls with tires and supplies, and tricycles are mounted from the ceiling in the background. Handwriting at the top of the photograph reads, "Fred Miller Shop - Ernest Brooks third from left. Pt. Arthur 1924."
Date: 1924
Partner: Museum of the Gulf Coast

Piston-Rod Connection

Description: Patent for a connector between a cross-head and a piston-rod that reduces strain by using a double taper and binder elements in line with the thrust of the piston-rod to prevent fractures and breaks as a result of the end thrust.
Date: April 17, 1906
Creator: McElvaney, Charles T.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Resilient Wheel

Description: Patent for a resilient wheel for automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles that absorbs shocks and is durable.
Date: May 11, 1912
Creator: Moore, Henry C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department