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[North Oak Avenue Street Scene]

Description: A street scene of North Oak Avenue, looking north from Hubbard Street, taken about 1930, includes businesses as: Palace Drug Company, Owl Book Store, American Cafe, Poston Dry Goods, Max Miller's Shoe Store, Caldwell Hotel, Texas Power and Light, Bath House and Crazy Water Hotel. Please note that the street has been paved, and a traffic light is present.
Date: unknown
Partner: Boyce Ditto Public Library

[Postcard of North Side of Square in Goldthwaite, Texas]

Description: Postcard of a view down a street in Goldthwaite full of various businesses with two rows of cars parked to the left and right of the road. The store fronts to the left have signs advertising businesses such as "[Ya]rborough [Dry] Goods", "Clements Drugs", and the "Melba" theatre. Text at the top center of the card reads, "Business Section North Side of Square, Goldthwaite Texas".
Date: unknown
Location Info:
Partner: Jennie Trent Dew Library

[Journal photograph of the Alexander Sanitarium]

Description: Copy slide of a photograph of the Alexander Sanitarium and Nurses Training School in Abilene, Texas. Several nurses, a gentleman and a horse wagon are visible in front of the building. The image appears to be part of an advertisement and there is text written on the photograph reading "A Private Institution for the care and treatment of Medical, Surgical, Obstetrical, and Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Cases. Colonial Building. Steam, Heat and Electric Lighted. A complete Electrical and X-Ray Equipment. Modern Operating Room. Graduate Nurses. Nurses supplied to the profession application."
Date: unknown
Partner: McMurry University Library

[Parker and 4th Street in Goldthwaite]

Description: Photocopy of a row of business fronts near a street corner with several signs adverting stores and merchandise. A utility pole is visible at the corner in the left foreground in front of a doctor's office and drug store. A horse is standing in the street, center of the photo, and a handful of people are walking on the sidewalk under store awnings in the right background or crossing the street towards the foreground.
Date: unknown
Location Info:
Partner: Jennie Trent Dew Library

The Right Ticket

Description: This picture shows an old advertisement for Mineral Wells, touting the "Pleasures" to be had in the city. The lady's crown displays the legend "Health & Pleasure." The "Pleasures" obtainable in the city need not be discussed, as they are plainly described in the picture, which may be found on page 91 of the second edition of A. F. Weaver's book, "Time Was..."
Date: unknown
Partner: Boyce Ditto Public Library

Grande Courts Tourist Apartments

Description: A tourist court, built about 1930 by Charlie E. Turner, Harold Dennis, and Clarence Hunt is depicted here. It was located in the 1000 block of West Hubbard Street. Grande [pronounced "Grand-dee"--at least in Mineral Wells] Courts was a national chain of franchise motels. This picture appears in A.F. Weaver's book, "TIME WAS in Mineral Wells", second edition, page 99. The sign reads "Grande Courts Tourist Apts."
Date: 1930?
Partner: Boyce Ditto Public Library

Young Motor Co.

Description: A text on the photograph identifies it as "May 1952-Grand Opening after fire of 1951,/ 316 E. Hubbard Street, /Photo by A. F. Weaver." This business was the local General Motors dealership and garage. It became Barnett-Young in late 1960's, and in 1984 after Cecil Young's death it was Barnett Motor Co. The building is adjacent to the Baker Hotel parking garage, and, in 2007, it houses the H & H Tire Company.
Date: May 1952
Creator: Weaver, A. F.
Partner: Boyce Ditto Public Library


Description: Photograph of first life flight from Hermann Hospital landing in Cleveland, Texas. This opened a new chapter in emergency medicine. Outlying communities from Houston, had previously sent any emergency care that needed trauma care by ambulance. Now they could be stablized and in the Medical Center in minutes.
Date: unknown
Creator: Young, Moon
Partner: Cleveland Historic Society

[Elizabeth Street in Brownsville, Texas]

Description: Photograph of Elizabeth Street in Brownsville, Texas. Automobiles and horse drawn carriages are pictured in the street with buildings on either side. On the left side of the photo a sign outside a store reads "Willman's Drug Store". Handwritten text on the back reads "1904 or 1905".
Date: 1904/1905
Partner: The University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley

[Historic Train District, Marshall]

Description: At the time of this picture, the old Ginocchio railroad hotel (at left) in Marshall contained the "All Things Good Restaurant." At right is the brick ticket office which contains the tunnel under the tracks to the historic depot, out of sight behind the office. In the center is a freight train rolling through.
Date: unknown
Partner: Marshall Public Library

Oxford Hotel, Mineral Wells, Tex[as]

Description: Shown here is a photograph titled "Oxford Hotel, Mineral Wells, Tex." It shows the completed building of the Oxford Hotel, and First State Bank and Trust Company, located at Oak and Hubbard. Note the period automobile. Written under the picture is: "I was just getting along alright [sic] write and let me know [lacuna?] you all are getting along. Will go to Wichita Falls next wk" [Signature illegible]
Date: unknown
Partner: Boyce Ditto Public Library

[Van being loaded onto a ship]

Description: Photograph of a van being loaded onto a ship at Las Minas port in Panama. The ship has the word "Panamerica" painted the side of it. Large shipping containers can be seen on the deck of the ship.
Date: [1969..]
Creator: Parlee, Lorena M.
Location Info:
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Taken From North Oak]

Description: This information is printed on the back of photograph: "Taken from the North Oak and N. E. 3rd. Street looking North May 28, 1975 by A.F. Weaver." Businesses that are visible in the photograph are, in order: The Crazy Water Hotel, Community Aerial Cable Company, Bennett's Office Supply and The Grand Theater.
Date: May 28, 1975
Partner: Boyce Ditto Public Library

Mercantile in Mineral

Description: Photograph of the Mercantile Store in Mineral, Texas. The first Anglo settlers to the Mineral area date back to 1845 when President Anson Jones granted a large track of land to the heirs of Henry Coley. After the Civil War, Refugio resident Thomas Howard and son-in-law, Lyman Blackman, begin a freight route from Saint Marys hauling lumbar and other supplies into the Mineral area. They then returned with hides and other products for export. While digging water wells a vein of hot mineral water with 16 different minerals was struck by William and Susan Sanford. Overnight Mineral became a tent city in 1877 as people came because of the healing powers they thought the mineral water contained. The Sanford Hotel, several stores, churches, a grist mill, a school in the drug store, and a post office sprang up at Mineral City. As the medicinal power of the water withered, along with the by-passing by the railroad, floods, and fires, Mineral also withered. In 1952 the South Texas Children’s Home was established near the old “city”. By 1958 one store, two Baptist churches, and less than 100 residents were all that remained.
Date: unknown
Partner: Bee County Historical Commission

View From Main & Second

Description: Photograph of the view from Main & Second Streets looking north on Second Street. Visible is Taylor National Bank on right of photo, departments stores running from the right and up Main Street, with parked automobiles, delivery trucks and horse-drawn wagons and carts.
Date: 1923
Partner: Taylor Public Library

[Texaco Lumber Shipping Dock]

Description: Photograph of the lumber shipping dock on Texaco Island in Port Arthur, TX. A ship is docked to the left of the dock. Past the dock is a row of buildings with several smokestacks. More ships and boats are docked near this area. Large piles of lumber are on the dock next to a large grouping of railroad tracks and several large boxcars.
Date: unknown
Partner: Port Arthur Public Library


Description: Patent for a compound with preservative qualities for protecting submersed wood from the destructive forces of water, whether sea or fresh, and from shipworms.
Date: July 9, 1895
Creator: Gallinowsky, Hugo
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Building Exterior

Description: Copy negative of The Alexander Sanitarium in Abilene, Texas. The image shows a horse-drawn ambulance and nurses posing outside of the institution. The advertisement reads "A private institution devoted to the care of medical and surgical, obstetrical and eye, ear nose and throat cases. Modern operating room. Graduate nurses and full electrical and x-ray equipment. - Nurses supplied to the profession on application - Ambulance service day or night."
Date: unknown
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library
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