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[Portrait of the Faculty and Staff of Southwestern University]

Description: Photograph of the faculty and staff of Southwestern University organized in several rows, posing for a photo outside a chapel. The caption on the front of the photo reads, "Southwestern University - 1978/1979." The text on the back of the photo reads, "Faculty and Staff - 1978", with three indistinguishable names underneath.
Date: 1978/1979
Partner: Georgetown Historical Society

J. Frank Dobie

Description: Photograph of J. Frank Dobie seated in front of a bookcase smoking his pipe with a book open in his lap and his boot up on the bookcase.
Date: January 1, 1943
Creator: Douglass, Neal
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

[Photo of Coach Fritz Lehnhoff]

Description: Photograph of Texas Lutheran College coach Fritz Lehnhoff, standing next to a parked car, with the back door partially open. Behind him, a white school bus driving on a road and a large white building are visible in the background.
Date: February 1949
Creator: Streng, Evelyn Fiedler
Partner: Texas Lutheran University

[Herman Totten surrounded by UNT SLIS faculty and staff]

Description: Herman Totten surrounded by School of Library and Information Science faculty and staff members in the Hurley administration building at the University of North Texas. Identified are Herman Totten, Phillip Turner, Donald Cleveland, Ana Cleveland, Yvonne Chandler, Paula King, Ray Von Dran, and William Moen.
Date: 1989
Location Info:
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Photograph of Thomas E. McClinton]

Description: Photograph of Thomas E. McClinton, Business Office Supervisor of Accounting and Inventory for St. Philip's College. He is seated at a table, with a pen or pencil in his right hand. He is looking down at the table. He is wearing a striped shirt and tie. Two glass jars and various papers are on the table. A door and two chairs are visible behind him.
Date: 1974
Partner: St. Philips College

[Photograph of Ralph Gutierrez]

Description: Photograph of Ralph Gutierrez, Shipping and Receiving Clerk for the St. Philip's College Bookstore. He is standing in profile in front of shelves of textbooks. He is straightening the books on the shelves. He is wearing a black t-shirt and beige pants.
Date: 1998
Partner: St. Philips College

[Photograph of Ernest Spikes, Jr.]

Description: Photograph of Ernest Spikes, Jr., Coordinator of Counseling and Student Development. He is visible from below the waist, standing in front of a rainbow picture. His right arm is resting on a railing. He is wearing a striped suit and black tie.
Date: unknown
Partner: St. Philips College

[Photograph of Julius Gordon]

Description: Photograph of Julius Gordon, Director of Student Life at St. Philip's College. He is standing behind a large popcorn tub, holding some popcorn in his right hand. His left hand is resting on the popcorn tub. Another large popcorn tub is visible to his right. He is wearing a striped shirt and tie.
Date: unknown
Partner: St. Philips College

[Photograph of Alfred L. Williams]

Description: Photograph of Alfred L. Williams, Biology Professor at St. Philip's College. He is standing on a sidewalk with a building in the background. He is facing the camera and his arms are folded in front of him. His is wearing a light blue lab coat and a striped tie.
Date: unknown
Partner: St. Philips College

[Photograph of Mary Adams]

Description: Photograph of Mary Adams of St. Philip's College Campus Police assisting a student who has locked her keys in her vehicle. The student is standing in the foreground, holding a binder and wearing a striped polo shirt. Mary Adams is wearing a Campus Police uniform and is standing to the right of the student. Both individuals are pictured in profile.
Date: unknown
Partner: St. Philips College

[Photograph of Weldon V. Knotts]

Description: Photograph of Weldon V. Knotts, Economics Instructor at St. Philip's College, chatting with students at an event in the Student Center. He is wearing a suit and striped tie. He is standing in profile to the right of a table where two female students are seated. A large number of other people are visible in the background.
Date: unknown
Partner: St. Philips College