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[Employees of T. Bancroft and Sons Shingle Mill]

Description: Employees of T. Bancroft and Sons Shingle Mill, Orange, Texas. Photo was taken in front of Dry Kiln at the rear of the mill in 1885. Top Row: George W. Bancroft, McKinley, Edwin "Tiny" Rosenbaum, Bob Mickelborough. George W. Curtis, Jim Fuller, Cal Bonneau, Edward Rosenbaum. Middle Row: E.W. Bancroft, Al Anderson, Trav Smith, Ashborn, Jim Childers, W.H. Ogden. Bottom Row: Palmer, Pombeff, Milton Holley, John Dupont, John Taylor, Mark Godwin, Eli Davis, Will McKinley, Joe Signoret, Trahan.
Date: 1885
Creator: The Fox Co.
Partner: Heritage House Museum

[Two Photographs of Oldsmobile Employees and a Galveston Dock]

Description: Two photographs of showing employees unloading Oldsmobile cars in Galveston; all of the employees in the first picture are standing in front of a car wearing overalls, mechanic's clothes or a shirt and jeans. The photograph on the back shows a sign on one of the docks in Galveston that reads: "Vehicles Must Not Remain Standing between the Arrows."
Date: {1914-09,1916-07}
Partner: Murphy Historical Society Inc.

[Two Women Sort Through Papers]

Description: Photograph of two unidentified women sorting through papers at a desk in an office space filled with metal shelves. One woman is standing and sorting through a stack of folded possibly newspapers, and another unidentified woman is sitting at the desk sorting through an open manilla file folder. On the desk are several boxes and stacks of notecards, pencils, and other office materials. A few unidentified people can be seen sitting and working at the back of the room.
Date: 1978
Partner: Central Texas Library System

[Man and Woman Pose Together]

Description: Photograph of an unidentified man holding a drink standing with an unidentified woman. An unidentified individual is to the right of the photograph. Behind them is a wall with a clock and a hot beverage dispenser on the countertop cabinetry.
Date: 1979
Partner: Central Texas Library System

[Oath of Office for Employees]

Description: Document with an oath of office written down, to be taken by local employees. The paper is badly stained in the upper right corner and has a piece of tape covering the right edge of the document.
Date: 1802-04~
Partner: St. Mary's University Louis J. Blume Library

[Employees at First National Bank of Orange]

Description: Photograph of the employees of First National Bank of Orange, Texas. Some of the people include: Row 1, L-R: #5 June Hubbard; Row 2, L-R: #8 Mary Broussard, #10 Elise Ritter, #11 J.O. Sims; Row 3, L-R: #13 Travis Jarvis; Row 4, L-R:#3 Thom Hudson, #5 Herbert Journey, #10 Johnelle Peveto Armstrong.
Date: unknown
Partner: Heritage House Museum