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U.S. Post Office

Description: The front of the second main Fort Worth post office, built in 1933. This monumental civic building was designed by Wyatt C. Hedrick and features good architecture with icons of the city. The Texas Limestone structure is a mix of Beaux Arts and Classical styling. The classical columns capitals on the building feature Texas Longhorn and Polled Hereford cattle and the cornice is ornamented with lion heads. The most dramatic space within the Post Office is the lobby, which runs the entire length of the building. Although it was constructed as a part of the Texas and Pacific Railway Complex, Hedrick chose to turn away from the Art Deco Styling of the Passenger Terminal and the Warehouse. The Post Office opened two years after the Texas and Pacific buildings.
Date: unknown
Partner: Tarrant County College NE, Heritage Room

[Post office in Casa Piedra, 1925]

Description: Picture of 1925 Casa Piedra post office. The post office was owned and managed by Conrado L. Vasquez. Four figures are in the photograph. From left to right: Santiago Ocon, Carmen Vasquez, Conrado Vasquez Jr., and Conrado Vasquez, Sr. To the right of the picture is a 1929 Buick owned by a shoe salesman.
Date: 1925
Partner: Marfa Public Library

[Back of El Paso Post Office]

Description: Photograph of the back of a U.S. Post Office building in El Paso, Texas, taken from the northwest corner. It is a two-story white stone building with many tall windows along the north and west sides of the building, several of which have decorative designs above them. Handwritten text on the back of the photo says, "January 1st 1919, Looking East."
Date: January 1919
Location Info:
Partner: El Paso Public Library

Dewees, Texas Post Office

Description: On the porch of the building is a man seated, a woman standing with another woman seated with child in arms. Water cistern on the left side of the building with a pipe attched to the roof gutter. It is a single story wood frame building with an attic window. Lower windows open.
Date: unknown
Partner: Wilson County Historical Society

[Post Office at Salmon, Texas]

Description: Photograph of the post office in the community of Salmon, TX. The people in the picture are as follows: (front row) 1. Unknown; 2. Unknown; 3. M.D. Salmon; 4. Meredith D. Salmon; 5. Nancy Angeline Elizabeth (Laymance) Salmon; 6. Unknown; 7. Unknown; 8. Sylvania Maybelle Salmon; 9. Velva Clifton Salmon; 10. Claurd Ernest Salmon; 11. Green Columbus Salmon. Green Columbus Salmon was the son of M.D. and Nancy Angeline Elizabeth (Laymance) Salmon and the father of C. Eldridge Salmon. This photo was part of the collection of framed photos and documents donated to the Palestine Public Library by the family of C. Eldridge Salmon.
Date: unknown
Partner: Palestine Public Library

Byers Post Office

Description: Postmaster Sheridan Baker Householder sits in a chair in his den behind the Byers post office. He was postmaster fronm 1914-1918. The room has a small potbelly stove for heat, a safe with the door ajar, and decoratrive wallpaper in the walls and ceilings.
Date: 1914~
Partner: Clay County Historical Society

[Judy Garland in Mineral Wells]

Description: This picture, found on page 161 of "Time Was..." by A. F. Weaver, identifies the man selling a money order to Judy Garland in the Old Post Office (on NE 2nd Street) as D. C. Harris. The man on the right is identified as W. A. Ross. It has since [2102] been determined that the reason for Miss Garland's presence in the post Office was to lead a procession of children there in order to purchase Defense Stamps.
Date: unknown
Partner: Boyce Ditto Public Library

[The Old Post Office]

Description: This picture shows what is now [2101] known as "The Old Post Office Building." A horse, dragging a cart, is seen drinking out of a trough in front of it. The trough is now [2010] located in the Mineral Wells Commons park. The whereabouts of horse is unknown. The building now [2010] houses the Women's club. The picture is featured in "Time Was in Mineral Wells" on page 188.
Date: unknown
Partner: Boyce Ditto Public Library