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[A. J. Campbell search near Goliad, September 1958, with Victoria County Sheriff M. W. "Monte" Marshall, Goliad County Sheriff A. Claude Taylor, and Travis County Sheriff T. O. Lang]

Description: Photograph of five men, four white and one black, next to a car with an open door. One man, the Goliad Sherriff, is sitting in the car, wearing a cowboy hat and with his cowboy-boot clad feet out on the ground. He holds a flashlight trained on several papers, also in his hands, and the other men lean intently in to see the papers. The two men standing on either side of him are the Victoria Sherriff on the left and Travis County Sherriff T.O. Lang on the right. They also wear cowboy hats, and Lang wears a badge above his left chest pocket. The man at the far right, who is standing behind the open car door, wears a Texas State Trooper uniform. The young black man, also on the right of the photo and leaning on the car door, wears dark trousers, a light checked shirt, and a cap. The party is searching for A. J. Campbell, Sr., who kidnapped his two young children from his estranged wife in Goliad, Texas. He committed suicide, leaving a note which said that he had "buried both children." The car, with the suicide note, was found in Travis County, and it is possible that this group is looking at the note. The bodies of Myrisha Campbell and A. J. Campbell, Jr., have never been found, and their cases remain open.
Date: September 1958
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library