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[Food at Ladies Aid Meeting]

Description: Photograph of four older women filling their plates at a banquet table full of food. Their names are Mary Andersen, Mrs. Jimmy Jensen, Mrs. Otto Hansen, and Anna Lykke.
Date: 1964
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Danevang School 1908

Description: Copy negative of the students of Danevang School, posing outside of their school in 1908. The ages of the children range from toddler to teenager. The white clapboard school building with three shuttered windows is visible in the background.
Date: unknown
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[1903 Danevang School Students]

Description: Photograph of students and their teacher posing for a group picture at their school, Danevang School, in Danevang, Texas. They have been arranged into three rows, with the front row seated on a bench. Three long double-hung windows can be seen behind them. They have been identified, from left to right: Top row: Viggo Andersen, Arthur Andersen, Eddie Nielsen, Elmer Andersen, Edward Nielsen, Paul Madsen, Harry Andersen, Thorvald Lykke, Eric Petersen, Uffe Nygaard, Martin Christiansen, Harold Hansen, and Jim Jensen. Middle row: Frank Jensen, Hans Treumer, Viggo Juhl, Dagmar Evers, Anna Nygaard, Ellen Longwood, Hazel Johnson, Margretha Nygaard, Karen Berndt, Mable Johnson, Katy Rasmussen, Nona Johnson, Sophie Madsen, Mary Treumer, Signe Lykke, Laura Petersen, and Professor Vitrup. Front row: Hans Nygaard, Holger Lauritsen, Ebbe Wind, Abelone Wind, Mabel Andersen, Elizabeth Jensen, Marentze Nielsen, Marie Nielsen, Thora Nielsen, Esther Longwood, Cora Johnson, Anna Jensen, Anna Lykke, Pauline Madsen, and Agnes Nielsen. A newspaper article included with the photograph also states that "only ten of these live in Danevang now. Many of them have passed away. Others have moved. Names are written as they were then. Photograph is furnished by Mrs. Laruits Harton.[sic]"
Date: 1903
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Last Danish Ladies Aid Meeting

Description: Photograph of a group of people seated around a room during the last meeting of the Danish Ladies Aid organization. According to accompanying information, they held the meeting at the Danevang Lutheran Church. A list of names is supplied as well, but they have not been applied specifically to any one person. The group largely consists of older men and women. The women are dressed conservatively in dresses and pearls, while the two men present wear pants and long-sleeve collar shirts. Two windows are visible on the left and right walls. The right window is considerably larger than the first. They both have curtains and both have been pulled. Several notations and two stamps have been made on the back of the photograph.
Date: 1970~
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[Confirmation Class of 1908, Danevang Lutheran Church]

Description: Black and white photograph of the Danevang Lutheran Church's Confirmation class of 1908, posed for a group picture outside of an unidentified building. Five young women are seated on a wooden bench in front of a row of eight young men who are accompanied by their Pastor, Soren Hamburg Madsen. Each individual is wearing a hat. Most of the girls' hats have floral embellishments on them. Everyone is dressed formally. The young women are wearing white, high-neck dresses that reach to the floor; their hands are clad in gloves. The young men are wearing suits and ties and simple, brimmed hats. Pastor Madsen is the only individual that is not completely facing the camera; he is turned 3/4 of the way.
Date: 1908
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society