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[Polo Castillo, Jr.]

Description: Photograph of LCpl Polo Castillo, Jr., 1st Motor Transport Battalion, 1st Marine Division in Phu Bai, Vietnam. He is holding a rifle while standing in front of a tent on a military base. The handwriting on the photo reads "Polo Castillo, Jr." and "Vietnam 1968."
Date: April 1968
Partner: Midwestern State University

[Polo Castillo, Jr. In Vietnam]

Description: Photograph of LCpl Polo Castillo, 1st Motor Transport Battalion, 1st Marine Division at Gia Le Combat Base, Vietnam. Polo is posing in front of a tower of sandbags and military structures. The back of the photograph reads, "The jacket I have on is a flak jacket which protects us from shrapnel or what have you. Can you see me wearing this heavy protective jacket, rifle, helmet + so on with this heat. Gia Le Combat Base, April-68. Your Loving Fiancee, Polo Castillo."
Date: April 1968
Partner: Midwestern State University

[Armored Car]

Description: Photograph of a modified rail car reinforced with steel armor to protect the train from attacks. There are nine men dressed in military uniforms standing around the train car.
Date: 191X
Partner: El Paso Public Library

[Four Soldiers Outside Camp]

Description: Photograph of four soldiers in uniform standing in front of a row of tents. Three are standing, holding their rifles, and one is kneeling. The man on the right is identified as Shultze.
Date: 1940~/1949~
Partner: Arlington Historical Society’s Fielder House Museum

[Frank Cuellar, Jr. and military group photo]

Description: Photograph of Frank Cuellar, Jr. and a group of men wearing a green military uniform with a hat. All except for a man standing behind the bench, are wearing the uniform. The men in the front row are sitting on a bench while those behind the bench are standing. Cuellar served in the US Air Force, 5th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron from 1949 through 1953.
Date: June 2, 1953
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Armed Men]

Description: Photograph of eleven Mexican men with rifles propped up in their hands. There are two rifles propped up against each other, on the ground in front of the group of military personnel. The men are also wearing and holding belts lined with bullets.
Date: 191X
Partner: El Paso Public Library

Barron Field Review

Description: Book documenting the history of Barron Field, a military airfield established in 1917 near Fort Worth, Texas. It includes a list of all of the departments, personnel, and activities at the airfield.
Date: 1919~
Partner: Fort Worth Aviation Museum

Ex-Confederates, Mineral Wells Camp No. 772

Description: No information is available about this photograph, other than inscription "Ex. Confederates Min. Wells Camp no. 772" written in white or silver ink. There are twenty-three men in the picture (16 standing, 7 kneeling) apparently taken on NE 1st Street, beside the rock-constructed Yeager Drug Store. The apparent ages of the men indicates they were probably surviving veterans of the Civil War, either living in Mineral Wells or attending a convention here. The photograph is mounted on cardboard.
Date: unknown
Partner: Boyce Ditto Public Library

[General Funston]

Description: Photograph of General Funston. He is wearing his military uniform and hat. He has two stars on his right shoulder to represent his official position. The General is standing in front of a building that has a window. Accompanying information states: "Portrait of General Funston. General Funston has a highly distinguished and decorated career with the United States Army. He was best known for his role in the Spanish - American War and the Philippine - American War. He received the Medal of Hono… more
Date: 1916~
Partner: El Paso Public Library
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