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[Pearce Movie Theater]

Description: Photograph of an exterior view of Pearce Movie Theater, at 500 Procter Street. There is an archway above the front doors, and several signs and movie posters are set out under it. A ticket booth is in the center of the two sets of doors.
Date: unknown
Partner: Port Arthur Public Library

Pines Theater

Description: Photograph of the Pines Theater in Lufkin. The theater was built in 1925, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.
Date: unknown
Creator: Bell, Jim
Partner: Private Collection of Jim Bell

[Pangburn Family Videos, No. 7 - Abilene and Clyde, Texas]

Description: This home movie excerpt documents a drive through downtown Abilene and Clyde, Texas wth the narrator pointing out sites of interest. In Abilene, he observes Grace Cultural Center, the Cypress Restaurant, the Paramount Theatre, and Abilene Civic Center. In Clyde, they drive through a residential area and through the main part of town pointing out the feed store, firehouse, library, justice of the peace, Western Auto, the funeral parlor, Motts, the bank, West Texas Utilities, a post office, a medical clinic, Wayne's Barber Shop, the Clyde Cafe, and the junior high and high school campuses. They also stop at First Med Clinic, an extension of Hendrick Medical Center.
Date: February 24, 1995
Creator: Pangburn
Partner: UNT Media Library

[The Blaine Dunlap Collection - Outtakes from "Sunset on Film"]

Description: This short film contains elements from a longer student film titled 'Sunset on Film" which documents activities at Sunset High School in the North Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas. The film begins with the title "The Hope of the Sunset Athletic Department" followed by footage of crowds watching young women playing powder puff football or flag football. A young man takes out the trash with the school newspaper, "The Sunset Stampede" in one of the cans and two boys fold an American flag. A series of close ups of the school bell is followed by students rushing fast-motion out of the building through an open window. Other students are seen leaving school more slowly through the front of the building. Students leave campus on foot, in car, and by bus. A movie theater on Jefferson Boulevard, The Vogue, can be seen in the background. The film ends with students leaving through a darkened hallway and a sunset over the neighborhood.
Date: 1970
Creator: Dunlap, Blaine
Location Info:
Partner: UNT Media Library

[Nomai Family Video No. 6 - A Trip to the Panhandle]

Description: This home movie documents Afsheen Nomai and Laura Treat’s road trip from Denton, Texas to the Panhandle region in March 2016 with stops in Decatur (00:07-01:14), Bridgeport (01:14-01:52), Jacksboro (01:52-03:01), Throckmorton (03:01-03:50), Haskell (03:50-04:34), Rule (04:34-05:28), Aspermont (05:28-05:41), Jayton (05:41-05:57), Post (05:57-06:44), Lubbock (06:44-07:43), Plainview (07:43-09:52), Happy (09:52-11:07), Canyon (11:07-11:44), Palo Duro Canyon State Park (11:57-12:28), Amarillo (12:28-13:47), Groom (13:47-14:06), McLean (14:06-16:08), Shamrock (16:08-16:55), Wellington (16:55-17:20), Childress (17:20-18:06), Quanah (18:06-18:22), Vernon (18:22-18:57), Electra (18:57-19:38). The film begins with Nomai and Treat driving into downtown Decatur, with footage of the courthouses square including the Wise County Courthouse and First National Bank. They next stop in downtown Bridgeport where footage includes a Dr. Pepper mural, a mural depicting a Butterfield stagecoach, and a banner announcing a downtown revitalization project. They then drive to Jacksboro where they drive past the Jack County Courthouse and stop at the Jack County Museum. Footage includes artifacts from the 4-H Clubs of Jack County. On their way out of Jacksboro, they stop to see a historical reenactment at Fort Richardson. They then drive into downtown Throckmorton where footage includes the Throckmorton County Courthouse. While driving into Haskell, they observe a large steel longhorn sculpture on the side of US 380. They drive through downtown Haskell where footage includes the courthouse square businesses, Haskell Free Press, Wild Horse Trading Post, the city’s water tower, and the Haskell County Courthouse. They then drive through Rule with footage of the downtown businesses, Fire Department, Rule Banking Center, water tower, and a residential area. Driving through Aspermont, footage includes a water tower, Dairy Queen, and windmill. In Jayton, footage includes the Jayton Café and city water tower. They then drive through downtown Post with footage of local businesses including the Post Dispatch and the Tower Theatre and a mural welcoming visitors ...
Date: 2016-03-12/2016-03-14
Creator: Nomai, Afsheen & Treat, Laura
Location Info:
Partner: UNT Media Library