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Christian and Katrine Nissen

Description: A postcard and photograph of the Nissen family and their home, respectively, held together by a sticker which reads, "Chv. Nissen (Both)." Christian and Katrine Nissen, husband and wife, are presumably pictured in the postcard, but names, although provided, were not matched to individuals. There are several women, men, and children on the postcard. They are in front of a single-story structure with intersecting gable roofs, on a dirt ground with no visible trees or plants. In the photograph, a two-story home with horizontal siding stands amidst several bushes and trees. Intersecting gable roofs cover the second story. A mansard roof further down creates a second-story balcony bordered by railing. This same roof projects outwardly as an overhang supported by four pillars. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph reads, "This home and 80 acres of land was sold. The money sent to Ebenezer Home, Brush, Colorado. The home of Christian and Katrine Nissen (south of the Carl Thyssen home). Aunt Katrine lived there until her death 1/23/53. This was their 2nd home." There is additional text but it cannot be read with certainty.
Date: August 1937
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society