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Country Lad

Description: Photograph of boy, standing in front of the cloudy sky. In this image, the boy is smiling at the camera and has his hand in his overalls pocket. Narrative by Junebug Clark: Additional photos and information can be found in the pdf document "Joe Clark HBSS Scrapbook" Page 26. The Detroit News Pictorial. January 12, 1941. ‘Possum Time in Tennessee. The boy in this photo is Otto Walker. This photo does not appear in the article but many other photos of Otto and his friend Harry England on a 'Possum hunt do. Photo by: Joe Clark, HBSS. Signed by: Joe Clark, HBSS
Date: 19uu
Creator: Clark, Joe
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Boy Walking on a Foot Bridge]

Description: Photograph of a young boy walking across a bridge made of planks. In this image, the bridge is built on two logs stretching across the gap, and an older child is standing at the farther end of the bridge. Trees and bushes fill the area around them. Narrative by Junebug Clark: Joe had an urge to photograph the people, things and an era that he felt disappearing. Using his camera he preserved a vanishing way of life. More photos like this can be found in the Joe Clark "Life in Tennessee" scapbook. The original is part of this collection but is also available in pdf form. Page 44 has an article "Collecting Foot Bridges" published June 10, 1943 in the Detroit News Pictorial section containing photos of six foot bridges and an accompaning article. Photo by: Joe Clark, HBSS.
Date: 19uu
Creator: Clark, Joe
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

Portrait of Baby Alfredito

Description: Photograph of baby Alfredito, dressed in a white gown and socks and laying on a white blanket on top of a floral cushion. A hand-written inscription in Spanish on the back of the photograph says the baby is two and a half months old.
Date: unknown
Partner: Witte Museum

[Two Children Sitting on Bench]

Description: Photograph of two children sitting on a bench in a room. They are looking off to the side and away from the camera. The photographer wrote the name "Irvin Mayer" on the envelope of the negative.
Date: May 23, 1943
Creator: Douglass, Neal
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library