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Memorial to the legislature of the State of Texas, of Wm. H. Jones, Administrator of the estate of Lorenzo de Zavala, deceased, empresario of Zavala's Colony

Description: Memorial to the legislature of the State of Texas, of Wm. H. Jones, Administrator of the estate of Lorenzo de Zavala, deceased, impresario of Zavala's Colony : petitioning for the issue of twenty four leagues and twenty one labors of premium land certificates, to the widow & heirs of Lorenzo de Zavala, deceased : being the amount of land which accrued to said Zavala by virtue of his colonization contract with the State of Coahuila and Texas; as heretofore recognized by the Republic and State of Texas, by general laws, and the interpretation thereof by the Supreme Court.
Date: 1861
Creator: Jones, William H.
Partner: UT Southwestern Medical Center Library

Ramón Músquiz, Political Chief of Dept. of Béxar, to Manuel de Mier y Terán, Commandant General

Description: Acknowledging receipt of the newspaper containing the report that Zavala had illegally sold his contract and notifying him that it had been forwarded to the superior authorities. Indicates also that he had circulated to the authorities under his jurisdiction the communication of 12/31/1830 from the state government to Mier y Terán relative to the illegality of such sales and of the sale of any land to foreigners not naturalized in Mexico.
Date: January 25, 1831
Creator: Músquiz, Ramón
Partner: Texas General Land Office

José Angel Navarro, Political Chief of Dept. of Béxar, to José María Falcón, Secretary of the State Government

Description: Acknowledging receipt of his communication of 7/20/1835 (Box 127:12, p. 92) in regard to Lorenzo de Zavala and informing that it and the enclosed document had been forwarded to the political chief of the department of the Brazos for delivery to Zavala, who was reported to be there.
Date: August 10, 1835
Creator: Navarro, José Angel
Partner: Texas General Land Office

[Letter from Manuel to Veramendi, September 30, 1829]

Description: Letter from Manuel to Veramendi, September 30, 1829, referring to the triumph against the Spaniards. Reference to: Invention of Perinoll(?); charges against Zavala; passport of Poinsett; promotion of Lieutenant Colonel Palomino and Colonel Basadre; Santa Anna.
Date: September 30, 1829
Creator: Manuel
Partner: The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

Section of Diary of Carlos Maria Bustamente

Description: Reference to: The Azayo (Azago) expedition to Guatemala; Battle of Plan del Río; banking house of Martoroell y Pla[]; bravery of the Yucatecans; project to buy cannon from the English; capture of Francisco Dita(?) in Chalco; Consejo de Guerra appointed; entrance into Alvarado; election of Archbishop of Baltimore; freemasonry; heresies; imprisonment at San Sebastián de Aparicio; inflation caused by paper money; money received by Herrera in New Orleans from Congress of Chilpancingo; money sent to New Orleans by Iturbide; Oaxacan grain exports to Europe; Oraculo de la Pitihia(?); Plan de Veracruz; proclamation of Guadalupe Victoria; prohibition of Bullfights; rebels in Totolapam; revolt in Tampico; Spanish agents in San Juan de Ulúa; troop movements to Córdoba; troops moved from Acapulco to Perote; tyranny of Iturbide; Consejero Almanza; Melchor Álvarez in Alvarado; Juan Pablo Anaya; Martín Andrade in San Luis Potosí; Arévalo; Padre Arias; Brigadier Armijo; Ignacio Arriaga of Otumba; Lic. Ascarate; Barbén; Manuel Basconcelos; Barragán; Lieutenant Barrera; Bataller; Nicolás Bravo; Víctor Bravo; Anastacio Bustamante; José Cadena; Joaquín Canedo; José María Carrera; General Cartuchera; Carrillo; José María Castrejón, Marqués de Bodegón; Colonel Castro; Eugenio Cortes; Dávila; José María Durán; Ignacio Esteva; Echávarri; Lic. Espinosa de los Monteses; Diego García Conde; Captain Garmendia; Gómez Navarrete; Toribio González; capture of Guerrero by Alférez José María Plazo at Temamatla; Brigadier Herrera; Joaquín de Herrera; Iriarte; Luis Iturribarria; Padre José, Mercedario Regente de Estudios de Belem; Labaqui; Lic. Lebrija; Juan León; defeat of Lobato; imprisonment of Luis Lozano; Pío Marcha; capture of Padre Marchena; Matiauda; Mayorga of Chiapa; Medellín; Mendiola; Mier; Matías Monteagudo; Navarrete; Lic. Olaez; Agustín Pardiñas; Sisto Paredes; Joaquín Parres; Lic. Peña y Peña; Ministro Quintana; Ignacio Rayón; Ramón Rayón; Colonel Riveiro; José Sulvaran Rufian; Conde de San Pedro del Álamo; arrest of Salvatierra; Santa Ana; Fray Manuel de Santa María; Lic. Sosaya (envoy ...
Date: January 1, 1823
Creator: Bustamente, Carlos Maria
Partner: The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

[Letter from Atilano Sanchez to Mariano, March 13, 1857]

Description: Transmittal of copies of documents in the reform of the Fundación de la Obra Pía; efforts to save the organization from destruction; opposition of “los principales en lo científico” Juan José Espinosa de los Monteros, Juan Francisco Azcárate, and Andrés Quintana Roó, directed by Francisco Sánchez de Tagle; mercantile opposition by Lorenzo Carrera; benefits obtained by Lorenzo Zavala for editing the “Decreto sentencia expoliatoria”; financial support given group by Francisco González Agüero; opposition of deputies and senators; provisions of benefactress' will changed; appointment of Patronos; fear of ministry of Lerdo; election of president; fear of spending of all money derived from “tratado pendiente” with the United States; effort to withdraw Jesuits from supervision of the Obra pía; denuncia made by Promotor Robledo; appeal to Pedro Escudero; “El Impreso del S. Vélez”; exclusion of Jesuits from Hacienda pública confirmed by Santa Anna in 1843; limits on amortization.
Date: March 13, 1857
Creator: Sanchez, Atilano
Partner: UNT Libraries

[Letter from Martin Perfecto de Cos to Political Chief of Nacogdoches] August 8th, 1835

Description: Transcribes a communication from the War department stating the refusal of Lorenzo Zavala to present himself in Mexico to render account of his diplomatic commission to the court of France, and that as it is known that said Zavala had landed at Brazoria coming from New Orleans, to endeavour by all possible means to have him arrested he being a very dangerous person under the present circumstances, and to send him to the disposal of the Supreme Government
Date: August 8, 1835
Creator: de Cos, Martin Perfecto
Partner: Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Election Returns

Description: Certification that Lorenzo de Zavala is one of seven Delegates to the Consultation for the Municipality of Harrisburg. Vote for delegates to the 1836 Convention. Includes: Statements of elections held in various houses in the Municipality. A list of voters and votes received (includes de Zavala's name as a voter) Compiled return showing Zavala with 115 votes.
Date: October 8, 1835
Partner: Texas State Library and Archives Commission