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[Letter from Burris C. Jackson to Harris Kempner]

Description: Undated handwritten letter from Burris C. Jackson to Harris Kempner expressing regret that Kempner can't make it Lubbock because Jackson anticipates the Congress will be good. Jackson also tells Kempner to tell his "young friend" to look Jackson up because he will gladly help him.
Date: unknown
Creator: Jackson, Burris C.
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Partial Letter and Draft Text]

Description: Draft text including the start of a letter to Mr. J.H. Major written at the top of the first page, with a separate text that starts on the second page and continues to the first page in the opposite direction of the letter text. The second page starts with the word "Precision" and provides a rambling discussion about the definition of "conglomerated" and appears to be an apology for criticizing someone else's work.
Date: unknown
Creator: Click, John Jones
Partner: Private Collection of J. K. Johnson
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