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[Map of Greater Galveston County, 1954]

Description: 1954 Map of Greater Galveston County, donated to the Genevieve Miller Public Library by Ben K. Peek Real Estate. Points of interest include: Algoa, Hitchcock, LaMarque, Texas City, Boliver, Deer Islands, Offats Bayou, Pelican Project, Galveston, San Leon, Bacliffe, Dickinson Bayou, Moses Lake, Dollar Bay, April Fool Point, and an Industrial Water Canal.
Date: 1954
Partner: Genevieve Miller Hitchcock Public Library

[Plat of Dellanera Subdivision, Hitchcock 1954]

Description: 1954 Plat of the Dellanera subdivision of Hitchcock, Texas. Signatures on plat include: Paul A. Milligan, Surveyor; G. Dellanera; Juila Dellanera; Dorothy B. Ranson, public notary; D. V. De Pasquale, County Engineer; R. W. Poliner, County Commissioner; Irwin P. Dantino, County Judge; Jack W. Callahan, County Attorney; John R. Platte, County Clerk; Gertrude McKenna.
Date: 1954
Creator: Milligan, Paul A.
Partner: Genevieve Miller Hitchcock Public Library

[Our Lady of Lourdes map, with Arcadia, Alta Loma and Lamarque]

Description: Map of Galveston County area. Points of interest include: Algoa, Algoa Oil Field, Arcadia, Alta Loma, Franks Oil Field, Highland Bayou, Our Lady of Lourdes, Cloud Bayou, Willow Bayou, Highland Bayou, Alta Loma Oil Field, Greens Lake Oil Field, Karankawa Lake, Hitchcock Oil Field, Texas City Junction, La Marque.
Date: unknown
Partner: Genevieve Miller Hitchcock Public Library

[Aerial view of Nessler pool in the early 1950s]

Description: An aerial view of the Nessler swimming pool. Many people are in the pool. A few people are on or near three sets of bleachers along the side of the pool. To the left of the pool is a tennis court with about ten people playing or watching tennis. A bus and a truck are parked near the building near the front of the pool. Approximately 20 cars are parked in a cleared lot near the street. On the reverse side of the photograph is written: "Nessler Pool" (early 1950's)
Date: 1952~
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[Helen Hall Library At Night]

Description: Photograph of the Helen Hall Library building at night. The exterior is characterized by segmental arches and pillars; outdoor lighting within the open walkway provides ample light.
Date: February 28, 1988
Creator: Kiecke, Albert
Location Info:
Partner: League City Helen Hall Library

Genevieve Miller home in Hitchcock

Description: Genevieve Miller home in Hitchcock, Texas. Picture taken August 1980. It was built in 1918 in Freddiesville and was originally a Santa Fe Railway Company house. After changing of railway operations the house was offered for sale. Miss. Miller purchased the house, some time in the 1940's, and had it moved to Barry and 2nd st. Miss. Miller donated the land/house in 1979 and the Genevieve Miller Hitchcock Public Library was built in 1985. The house serves as a museum.
Date: unknown
Partner: Genevieve Miller Hitchcock Public Library