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[120 E 8th]

Description: Photograph of the front door of a stone building behind a tall metal platform. A sign hangs on the platform with string reading, "Pardon us while we put on a new face" with a smiley face. On the back of the photograph, a handwritten note reads, "120 E 8th."
Date: unknown
Partner: Georgetown Historical Society

[People Seated Outdoors]

Description: Photograph of people seated in folding chairs outside. A rope that divides the group stretches from the right of the photo to a fence on the left. A white sign stands near this fence. Trees rise in the background.
Date: unknown
Creator: Dietel, Norman
Partner: LBJ Museum of San Marcos

[Photograph of Road Sign]

Description: Photograph of a road sign with many arrows pointing in various directions, labeled with cities and mileage. The arrows with text visible are labeled with Tokyo, Oran, Moscow, and Berlin. A larger arrow at the top of the pole says "HOME ?"
Date: [1941..1943]
Partner: The 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum

[Entrance Sign]

Description: Black and white photograph of the entrance sign to Mountain View College taken from street. Possibly taken by Jane Cockrell. It says Welcome to Mountain View College. A stop light is visible to the right of the sign and the street sign says Illinois. Some houses are visible in the background.
Date: 1970
Partner: Dallas County Community College District


Description: Patent for a new and improved sign. This design consists in "the combination of a frame or bed and a transparent plate set in the same, having the letter-color or gilt on its inner face, and a filling applied upon its front face to form the margins of the letter . . . [and] the wooden body, provided with a recess, in its front face, of the strip of glass gilded, silvered, or painted on its back face and inlaid in said recess, and a filling on its front face to form the margins of the letters . . . [and] the separate pieces or panes of glass, one for each letter of the sign" (lines 84-101).
Date: December 5, 1882
Creator: Munn, Frank E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

[Stone Foundation]

Description: Photograph of the stone foundation of a building in a field somewhere in Texas. A building is visible to the left, and there are trees and more buildings in the background.
Date: unknown
Creator: Belden, Dreanna L.
Partner: UNT Libraries

[Photograph of a Building in Fredericksburg]

Description: Negative of a building in Fredericksburg, Texas. The building is a multistory, stone building. The windows above the first story are tall and may span more than one floor. There is a sign outside the building for two hour parking. Beside the building is a tree taller than the building.
Date: unknown
Partner: Gillespie County Historical Society

[Crowd Outside of a Building]

Description: Photograph of a crowd of people standing outside of a wooden building. To the left, young women in skirts, calf socks, and white shirts are standing in a line. Men in dark suits and uniforms stand between them and another row of young women. A sign that reads "Willkommen!" is hanging on the building above a group of suited men.
Date: unknown
Creator: Dietel, Norman
Partner: LBJ Museum of San Marcos