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[Woman in Arab Costume Dress]

Description: Photograph of a woman (possibly Virginia Farmer) in Arab costume dress kneeling on a stage floor. The dress is light colored and has patches of glitter. The bodice is also glittery and shows the woman's belly. A scarf tied around her face covers her nose, mouth, and chin.
Date: November 27, 1948
Creator: Douglass, Neal
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

Albert Farine Home

Description: Albert Farine home, constructed in 1906 and burned in the 1960s. The Farine family came to Texas in 1855 as part of the La Reunion colony and settled in the area that is now Irving in 1859.
Date: unknown
Partner: Irving Archives

A House with the Caption Nuestro Hogar

Description: Photograph of a two-story home. The home features a front porch supported by four Greek-Revival style columns. Flower baskets hang from the rafters, and two rocking chairs rest on the porch. The home has five visible windows on the bottom level, and four on the second level. The words at the bottom read, "Nuestro Hogar" in Spanish, or "Our Home."
Date: unknown
Partner: Witte Museum

Stephen F. Austin to Lorenzo de Zavala, Minister of the Treasury

Description: Transcribing his communication to the political chief of Texas relative to forwarding his map of Texas to the president of Mexico. Indicates that a copy of the map in English had been sent to Philadelphia for publication but that the version sent to Mexico was more complete and accurate. 7/23/1829 126/4, p. 34
Date: July 23, 1829
Creator: Austin, S. F. (Stephen F.)
Partner: Texas General Land Office

[Photo of the Paris, Texas fire of 1916]

Description: Photo of the Paris, Texas fire of 1916. The fire happened on March 21, 1916, and this appears to be an image after the fires had gone out. The rubble of buildings is on the left, and many men are walking the cleared areas, while others sit on stacks of lumber.
Date: 1916
Partner: Private Collection of Caroline R. Scrivner Richards

[Tribute to Carolyn Street Scott, written by her daughter Betty Dickson]

Description: Tribute to Carolyn Street Scott, written by her daughter Betty Dickson. Carolyn Scott helped organize the Paris Civic league after the 1916 fire; organized the Girl Scouts in Paris; helped start the Paris Public Library and served as its first librarian; and formed the Paris' first Garden Club.
Date: unknown
Partner: Private Collection of Caroline R. Scrivner Richards

Group of women on a sidewalk

Description: A group of four women stand on a sidewalk in a neighborhood. They are all wearing hats, coats and skirts. One of the women is sitting in a wheelchair made of wicker with a blanket on her lap while the others stand next to her.
Date: unknown
Partner: Private Collection of Charles R. Delphenis