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Leaving Pioneer House

Description: Photograph of a group of people standing outdoors near what appears to be a single-story structure. Two older men are walking towards a white car on the left, while others are heading towards a black truck closest to the house. Though mostly cropped out of the picture on the right side, the house is in different stages of repair. The roof and the walls have been covered with different construction underlayments, but the patio's entire wood framework can still be seen. In the distance, a few trees and telephone poles are visible.
Date: September 11, 1995
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Wind Brothers

Description: Copy negative of a black and white portrait of five brothers. They are identified as Harold, Alfred, Ellis, Irvin, and Lester; they are all a part of the Wind family from Danevang. Two brothers stand in front of the three others. They are all visible from the waist up.
Date: unknown
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[Boy Scouts Biting Into Watermelon Slices]

Description: Photograph of the Boy Scouts of America standing before a single-story structure with the word "Douglass" written on it. The children, with the exception of a few who are in the back, are wearing traditional Boy Scout uniforms: shirts with button-flap pockets, caps, and neckerchiefs. They are all holding large slices of watermelons; some are biting into them. An adult female and an adult male are in the back on the right. Although names have been provided, they can only be applied with certainty to the first three children on the left - Kenneth Strarup, Donald Lykke, and Carl Hansen - and to the last five on the right - Lester Wind, Gertrude Hansen, Leroy Strarup, Lawrence Harton, and Carl Marius Hansen Sr.
Date: 1940
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Scouts in Uniform

Description: Photograph of the Boy Scouts of America and adults standing before a school bus, a car, and a series of buildings to the left. The children are wearing traditional Boy Scout uniforms - neckerchiefs, caps, and shirts with button-flap pockets - with the exception of one on the rightmost side of the picture who is wearing overalls. From left to the right, the children have been identified as Gunnar Thyssen, Carl Hansen, Irvin Wind, Leroy Strarup, Lawrence Petersen, Lawrence Harton, Ray Allenson, Donald Lykke, Lester Wind, Floyd Wind, Kenneth Strarup, and Holger Thyssen. In the back, the adults have been identified, from left to right, as Gertrude Hansen, Mike Hansen, Andrew Hansen, Mamie Hansen, and Jack Hansen. There is a man standing in the very back, barely visible closest to the school bus, who has not been identified.
Date: 1941
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society