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William Christian Dietert Mill - Circa 1860

Description: Art print of a painting of William Christian Dietert's mill in Boerne, Texas. The painting depicts a small, two-story, brown, wooden building with six windows, sitting on a brick foundation on the left bank of a body of water. The brick foundation has stone steps leading down to the water, and a small red and white boat rests on the grassy bank next to the building. Dark green trees surround the scene. A piece of paper is attached to the back of the print with information about the mill and the… more
Date: 1983
Creator: Barrick, Bill
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[RE: Multicultural Art Prints Series I (Maps I)]

Description: A memo from W. Dwaine Greer and Stevie Mack, co-directors of Improving Visual Arts Education, to the IVAE Academic Consultants and Consultant Practitioners. The memo is in regards to the limited number of Multicultural Art Prints Series I (Maps I) published by the Getty Center for Education in the Arts and Crystal Productions currently available to the consultants for a reduced price. Included in the memo is the notification of the reduction in prince for the Multicultural Art Prints, "African-… more
Date: April 11, 1991
Creator: Greer, W. Dwaine
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Art Print of the Matlock Home]

Description: Art print of an artist's rendition of the Matlock Home near Murphy, Texas; the house is two stories with windows along the upper and lower floors. The note printed on the reverse side of the picture says this was made "before the house was razed and replaced with a modern brick home." The note further says that Milton Meredith Matlock built it "when he settled on the land just South of the Back Homeplace."
Date: unknown
Partner: Murphy Historical Society Inc.

[Clipping: "Mid Winter" by Asa Cheffetz and "Pagliacci" by Umberto Romano, 1949]

Description: Clipping from Associated American Artists advertising two original prints for sale. The front page features "Mid Winter" by Asa Cheffetz, with a black and white image of the wood engraving print of a landscape and a paragraph describing the artwork as well as Cheffetz' accomplishments. The back page features "Pagliacci" by Umberto Romano, a black and white lithograph print of a clown playing the guitar, and a paragraph describing the piece and Romano's accomplishments.
Date: 1949
Creator: Associated American Artists
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Man swinging an axe at a snake while his wife jumps back in surprise]

Description: Etching and engraving print of a man swinging an axe at a snake. The man appears to be protecting his wife and child who sit in front of a large open hearth. The wife reacts in surprise and fear in the midst of cooking dinner with the child in her lap. This print has a unique ghost image on its verso of a woman dressed in French style fashion with a large wig embellished with feathers.
Date: [1695..1800]
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

["The Expedition of Humphry Clinker"; "Burdock refiting the surgeon's attempt to trepan him."]

Description: Etching and engraving print from page 216 of Charles Grignion I's "The Expedition of Humphry Clinker"; "Burdock refiting the surgeon's attempt to trepan him.". The print includes an oval framing the scene with characteristic flourishes of ivy vines surrounding a plaque with the title information. The main figure in the image appears standing on his bed angrily confronting a flustered doctor to a room of terrified onlookers. The print was part of a copy of the picaresque novel "The Expedition of… more
Date: [1695..1800]
Creator: Grignion, Charles the Elder
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Engraving portrait of Johann Von Schonenburgh]

Description: Engraved portrait of German Catholic Archbishop Johann Von Schonenburgh, circa 1500-1600. The plate has the portrait framed by ornate scroll work including the face of a cherub, pears and ribbons. The description directly under the portrait reads "Religion and Wisdom".
Date: [1500..1600]
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

["Residence of Robert H. Rose esq." etching and engraving print]

Description: Etching and engraving titled "Residence of Robert H. Rose Esq." depicts the palatial historic home and grounds owned by Robert H. Rose in New York state. Several deer are resting on the lawn and several people are visible as silhouettes near the building.
Date: 1845
Creator: Smillie, James, 1807-1885 & Hinshelwood, Robert, 1812-1879
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

["A Western Lake by Sunset"]

Description: Steel engraving on a book leaf titled "A Western Lake by Sunset" depicting a vast landscape surrounding a distant lake and small rivers. On the verso side of the leaf are penciled notes about its missing companion page, page numbers and the collectors' information.
Date: 1851
Creator: Durand, A. B. (Asher Brown), 1796-1886 & Smillie, James, 1807-1885
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Etching of a man with coins]

Description: Etching "Portrait of Man", designed Guercino Da Cento and printed by Austrian printmaker Adam Bartsch, in 1782. The print shows a man illustrated with loose and energetic lines standing and pointing at coins resting on a table.
Date: 1782
Creator: Da Cento, Guercino & Bartsch, Adam
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

["The Beggars Opera" etching and engraving]

Description: Etching and engraving print of an lively outdoor opera with a small pit orchestra and performers in animals masks. The print, "The Beggars Opera", published in 1728 was printed for John Bonles and The Black Horse in Cornhill.
Date: 1728
Creator: Hogarth, William; Blake, William & Bonles, John
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Etcing and engraving "Puer parvulus minabiteos"]

Description: French religious etching and engraving titled "Puer Parvulus Minabiteos" (The Boy Threatened Them), which depictsa woman and three children in a field with a herd of wolfs, lions, and tigers among sheep and cattle. The main child, the baby Jesus, appears with a shepherds crook leading the flock.
Date: [1695..1800]
Creator: Le Clerc, Sébastien, 1637-1714 & Lacroix, S. F. (Silvestre François), 1765-1843
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Pastoral French landscape etching and engraving]

Description: Pastoral French etching and engraving of a landscape showing a small herd of cattle wadding through a stream that cuts through a hilly landscape with many trees. Two small figures appear conversing on the bank of the stream with a lone individual on a horse. The print is attributed to French designer and printmaker Adam Perelle and was published in Paris by Pierre Mariette.
Date: [1500..1700]
Creator: Perelle, Adam & Mariette, Pierre
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

["The Stars" mezzotint engraving]

Description: Mezzotint engraving print of a woman draped in fabrics with a wreath of ivy around her head playing a lyre with her face to the night sky. "The Stars" was designed by Middelton and printed by American printmaker John Sartain in Philadelphia in the early 1800s.
Date: [1797..1856]
Creator: Sartain, John
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Satirical print of English political figure Hugh Peters c.1600]

Description: Satirical Print of English preacher, political advisor and soldier who supported the Parliamentary cause during the English Civil War. The engraving, circa. 1600, shows Hugh Peters with a devil on his back with each foot on a stack of books that correspond to church and state while he holds the ties to bags of money that are labeled with "Revenue", "Plunder", "Thimbles" and "Benefices". Symbols of the monarchy and the church appear on the floor by his feet.
Date: [1695..1800]
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Dutch etching "Laden Asses"]

Description: Etching by Dutch printmaker Theodorus van Kessell as part of his series in collaboration with designer Jan van den Hecke the Elder "Alcune Animali" in 1654. The print, "Laden Asses", shows two saddled donkeys resting in an open field with a small village/ farm in the distance.
Date: 1654
Creator: Van Den Hecke The Elder, Jan & Van Kessell, Theodorus
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Two Mourners and Hope at Washingtons Grave]

Description: Engraving by Boston printmaker Thomas Clarke showing a man and woman weeping into handkerchiefs in front of the grave of George Washington. Washington's monument includes his face engraved below a cherubim and the epitaph "There is Reft in Heaven" and is set at the foot of a weeping willow. The two figures are being consoled by a figure of Hope, who stands by an anchor and points to heaven.
Date: [1695..1800]
Creator: Clark, Thomas
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Adam & Eve frontispiece etching]

Description: Etching print included as the frontispiece of a unknown volume printed in 1780. The plate includes a classic biblical image of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden at the moment the snake offers the fruit to Eve. The image includes excellent details of various animals scattered around the pint such as a frog, various insects, birds and a partially hidden cow laying in the tree line.
Date: 1780~
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Engraving of a woman holding a cross by Vitali]

Description: Italian engraving print of a woman holding a cross possibly the catholic female saint Margaret of Antioch. The print was a collaboration between painter Guidus Reni and was translated and printed by Pietro Marco Vitali in Rome in 1782. The image is accompanied by descriptive Italian text.
Date: 1782~
Creator: Reni, Guidus & Vitali, Pietro Marco
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections
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