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[A Good Book is the Best Companion]

Description: Color postcard with an image of two young girls in red dresses reading books at opposite ends of a large table. Below the table is the text, "A good book is the best companion" and handwritten at the bottom of the postcard is, "No it isn't my baby [ ]. Aunt R."
Date: 1906
Partner: Private Collection of Joe E. Haynes

[Woman Hangs Up the Phone]

Description: Photograph of an unidentified woman hanging up a phone on a desk; the desk backs up to a window and is covered with office supplies, a yellow book, a typewriter and microfiche machine. The wall behind her is a bookshelf with labels along the shelves: General Works, Philosophy, Religion, Pure Science, Language, and Technology,
Date: [1977..1981]
Partner: Central Texas Library System


Description: Patent for certain new and useful improvements in pass books, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: October 17, 1899
Creator: Martin, Thomas P. Jr.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

[Library Interior with Blue Bookshelves]

Description: Photograph of a library's interior including two tables with chairs, a book display stand, a beige bookshelf, and two rows of blue bookshelves with illegible signs. Two unidentified children are in the lower left corner of the photograph near a seating area including a chair piled with bags.
Date: [1977..1981]
Partner: Central Texas Library System

Bank Pass-Book.

Description: Patent for an improved Bank Pass-Book that shows the identification of the individual written on the inside and outside of the book.
Date: December 8, 1914
Creator: Exline, Marcus P.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Men At Table

Description: Copy photograph of a group of men and one woman at a table. On the table are ashtrays, papers and a large book. On the wall are two rows of framed photographs of other men. The words "Director's Room" can be seen on the door.
Date: unknown
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Packages in a Building]

Description: Photograph of packages wrapped in paper on a shelf to the right of a room in Cleveland, Texas. There are clothes on a table to the left of the shelf, and a man stands in front of several other shelves full of books on the far side of the room.
Date: unknown
Creator: Young, Moon
Partner: Cleveland Historic Society

Leaf or Insert for Books

Description: Patent for leaves and inserts in books and other paper documents. It is meant to "provide a printed sheet embodying certain novel features arranged so that it may be found in a book or catalogue as a leaf or page thereof or placed therein as an insert." (Lines 12-16)
Date: October 27, 1914
Creator: Seligson, Henry
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

[Photograph of Three Unidentified Boys]

Description: Photograph of three unidentified boys posed on a raised platform with a wood railing. The boy in the middle - who appears to be the eldest - sits in a chair and holds a book in his right hand. The other two boys stand on either side of the sitting boy. All three boys wear dark-colored jackets with shorts, bow ties, tights, and lace-up boots.
Date: unknown
Creator: Ramsey & Lind
Partner: Private Collection of T. B. Willis