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[Circulation Desk]

Description: Photograph of the circulation desk at Cooke County Library in Gainesville, Texas. In front of the desk, there is a plant. On top of the desk, there is a brochure with a photo of a camera and text that says "check this out," a nameplate, and a rolodex. In the background, there is a card catalog and a doorway leading to another room with windows surrounding it.
Date: unknown
Partner: Cooke County Library

[West lobby of F. M. Bralley Library]

Description: Photograph of F. M. Bralley Library's west lobby. Several women are seen on the bottom floor standing around the circulation desk and sitting at desks throughout the library. A few women are also seen sitting at desks on the second floor. Bookshelves and card catalogs are also pictured. Several columns support the structure throughout the library.
Date: unknown
Partner: Denton Public Library