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Dead Man on Street

Description: Copy negative of an unidentified dead man laying on a street, his face is covered. In the background, there is an unidentified group of people walking beside a wooden fence, consisting of three men and two nuns. Far in the background, there are trees, buildings, and other people walking.
Date: unknown
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Memorial for Thomas McGee Scott by Jack Rattikin of the Texas Title Association]

Description: A typed memorial upon the death of Thomas McGee Scott by James Rattikin of the Texas Title Association. Mentions Tom Scott's role as part of the "Famous 40" as a delegate at the Democratic Presidential Convention in which Woodrow Wilson was nominated. Tom Scott served as President of the Texas Title Association in 1912, and as President of the American Title Association in 1917.
Date: 1941
Creator: Rattikin, Jack
Partner: Private Collection of Caroline R. Scrivner Richards

Owen, May

Description: A list of the committees Dr. May Owen served on, and the years for which she served. Included is handwritten text noting that Dr. Owen passed away at about 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 12, 1988.
Date: unknown
Partner: Texas Medical Association

[Western Union Telegram to Soloman Falls]

Description: A telegram sent from Washington D.C. to Mr. Soloman Falls, to inform him of his son Jett (Johnny, Jetty) Fall's death in France on November 6th. The telegram features the words Western Union Telegram along with the company's logo of the globe surrounded by the words "Western Union" at the top center, with standard telegram form information to either side (i.e. blanks available to complete with sender and receiver information). None of the blank spaces have been completed. Below this writing, the message reads: "No 3, CK 24 Government, Washington, D.C. 514 PM 5th" -- "Mr. Soloman Falls Roxton, Texas" -- "Deeply regret to inform you that Corporal Jett Falls Inf is officially reported as killed in Action November Sixth" -- "Harris the Adjt. -- 8.48 PM"
Date: unknown
Partner: Euless Public Library

[Letter Informing Soloman Falls of Jett Fall's Death]

Description: A letter addressed to Mr. S (Soloman) Falls in Roxton, Texas informing him of his son's (Jett Falls) death. The letter is appears to be a standard government-issued form with blank spaces available for personalization. The spaces on this form have been completed to show that "Jett Falls" was killed at the "Meuse-Verdun Sector" on "Nov. 5th". It expresses appropriate sentiments of loss and condolence and is signed by the Chaplain of the 359th division, M. M. Hoffman, Jr. A handwritten note at the bottom reads "He is buried in this sector with a number of his companions and has a cross at his grave".
Date: 1919
Partner: Euless Public Library

Death Notices

Description: Copy negative of two death notices with designs and a poem. The first is for Jewell Costephens who died March 3, 1915 at age 15. The second is for Marvin Costephens who died October 18, 1915 at age 22.
Date: unknown
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library