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Carte de l'Océan Pacifique au Nord de l'Equateur, et des Côtes qui le bornent des deux côtés : |b d'aprés les dernieres Découvertes faites par les Espagnols, les Russes et les Anglois, jusqu'en 1780.

Description: Map shows settlements and routes of Captains Cook and Clarke along coastlines of northeastern Asia and northwestern North America; route of Spanish galleons between Manilla and Acapulco. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
Date: 1781
Creator: Lotter, Tobias Conrad, 1717-1777
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

Geological/Archelalogical Exploration

Description: Copy negative of 6 men on a geological/archeological exploration. 5 of the men are squatting in a semi-circle around one man who is standing in a whole holding something in his hand. They are out in nature and are wearing light weight shirts and many of them are wearing hats. Several of the men are also holding tool boxes.
Date: unknown
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

Man in Chaps

Description: Copy negative of an oil exploration and survey team member standing in front of a cabin. There is riding and camping equipment hanging on the outside walls of the cabin. The man is wearing chaps and holding a hat in his right hand. This image is set in Wyoming or Utah.
Date: unknown
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

Western hemisphere.

Description: Map shows political boundaries, explorers routes and discoveries in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, major cities, and notable physical features; Texas as a separate entity. Includes notes and dates. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
Date: [1842..1846]
Creator: Henry Teesdale & Co.
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

Carte de la route que mène depuis la capitale de la Nouvelle Espagne jusqu'à S. Fe du Nouveau Mexique dressée sur les journaux de Don Pedro de Rivera et en partie sur les observations astronomiques de Mr. de Humboldt ; dessiné et redigé par F. Friesen à Berlin 1807 ; gravé par Barrière, et l'écriture par L. Aubert, directeur du dit ouvrage.

Description: Maps show "Route de Chihuahua à Santa Fe", "Route de Durango à Chihuahua", and "Route de Mexico à Durango." this sheet appeared in the author's Physical Geographical Atlas of the Kingdom of New Spain. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Scale [ca. 1:2,150,000], [ca. 1:2,200,000], and [ca. 1:2,300,000].
Date: 1812
Creator: Humboldt, Alexander von, 1769-1859
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

Interview with John Chalmers, October 21, 1987

Description: Interview with John Chalmers, president of Chalmers Exploration Company. In he interview, Chalmers discusses his history in the oil and gas industry, dangers of the deficit between crude oil use and production in America, and the future of the industry.
Date: October 21, 1987
Creator: Chalmers, John & McCaleb, Gary
Partner: Abilene Christian University Library