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[Portrait of the Christopher Columbus Brownfield and Martha Catherine Matlock Brownfield Family]

Description: Portrait of the Brownfield family with five children; two of the younger children are seated in the front row and the three older children are standing behind the parents against the wall. Back Row L to R - Frances 'Fannie' Ida Brownfield (15), Cora E Brownfield (12), Walter Milton Brownfield (14) Front Row L to R - Christopher 'Chris' Columbus Brownfield (38), Bessie Brownfield (5), Martha Catherine Matlock Brownfield (41), Christopher 'CC' Columbus Jr Brownfield (2)
Date: 1894~
Partner: Murphy Historical Society Inc.

[Portrait of an Unknown Family]

Description: Portrait of an unknown family with the father seated on the far right and the mother standing in the back. The children are both wearing long white dresses and long black socks; the father is wearing a suit and the mother is wearing a dress.
Date: 1910~
Partner: Murphy Historical Society Inc.

[Portrait of Kothmann Children]

Description: Portrait of the Kothmann children. There are four young children wearing white, and they are sitting on and standing near a stone bench. The three older children are holding objects in their hands, and an adult's hand is visible to the right, holding the arm of the child standing in front of the bench. The photograph is mounted on a dark grey mat, and "H. Heyland, Fredericksburg, Texas" is printed at the bottom. "Kothmann children" is written on the back.
Date: unknown
Creator: H. Heyland
Partner: Gillespie County Historical Society

[Photograph of a Nelson Family Reunion]

Description: Photograph of members of the Nelson Family Reunion; those present in the picture are arranged in five rows, placed on bleachers in order to get everyone in the photo. Most of the children in the picture are seated in the laps of those on the bottom row.
Date: unknown
Partner: Murphy Historical Society Inc.

[Portrait of a Small Family]

Description: Portrait of a family all in nice outfits; the mother is wearing a black dress and a watch on a chain, the father is wearing a suit with a tie pin, and has a chain attached to his lapel, the child is wearing a white outfit and is sitting on the chair in between the two adults.
Date: unknown
Creator: Nielson Studio
Partner: Private Collection of Margay Welch