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[Toys Repaired by Firemen]

Description: Photograph of a display of toys repaired by firemen. The toys are given to underprivileged children at Christmas. In the background, there is a group of people; several men are standing beside each other, and four women are standing to the right side of the room.
Date: 1930
Partner: Port Arthur Public Library

[Firemen Training at Drill Tower]

Description: Photograph of firemen training at Drill Tower. One man is climbing on the ladder of a 1916 American LaFrance Sixty-five Aerial truck. Two men are standing on top of the truck, holding part of a water hose. Several men are standing on the ground, and two are holding parts of a water hose. In the background, there are buildings.
Date: 193?
Partner: Port Arthur Public Library

[Portrait of Henry J. Braunig]

Description: Portrait of Henry J. Braunig in uniform. According to accompanying information, he was the Chief of the Hallettsville Volunteer Fire Department, 6th Chief of Department from 1900 to 1903, and 8th Chief of Department from 1906 to 1918.
Date: 1878/1909
Creator: Fey & Braunig
Partner: Friench Simpson Memorial Library

[Model T]

Description: A black and white photograph of a man (fireman) sitting on a truck, possibly a fire-truck. The back part is open and appears to have rails. The man is wearing a suit with a wide brimmed hat- and it appears to be mid day. He is in a suburban area with small white houses-there are no big buildings around.
Date: 1920~
Partner: The Williamson Museum

Firefighters in Abandoned Building in Grapevine

Description: Photograph of firemen putting out a fire in an abandoned building in downtown Grapevine. One man (right) is using a shovel while a firefighter wearing fire gear (left) holds a running hose and flashlight near the area; another man wearing firefighting gear is partially visible in the doorway on the far left.
Date: May 31, 1975
Partner: Tarrant County College NE, Heritage Room

[Postcard of Firefighters in Paris, Texas]

Description: Postcard with a photograph of a group of firemen standing around a fire truck in Paris, Texas. All of the men are wearing white shirts and dark pants in this group picture; two of the men are standing on the truck while the rest are standing on the ground.
Date: [1909..1912]
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

[Postcard of a Long Fire Truck on a Street]

Description: Postcard with a photograph of a long fire truck parked on the side of a street; according to the note on the back this was "Truck #5" of the fire department. There are seven firemen sitting down on the vehicle, three in the front, three in the middle, and one sitting on the back end. The sign hanging above the says: "Crescent Creamery Co."
Date: [1909..1912]
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

[Photograph of a Firemen on a Fire Truck]

Description: Postcard with a photograph of a group of firemen standing on an old fire truck. The truck has a few ladders loaded on the back, a water hose rolled up, and a large bulb figure also in the back. The men are all wearing their uniforms and are standing around the front seat behind the alarm bell, and there is an advertisement on the wall in the background that reads: "Cook with Gas."
Date: [1909..1912]
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

[Postcard with a Photo of a Fire Truck with Firemen]

Description: Postcard with a photograph of a group of firemen around a fire truck. According to the photo this truck is "auto pump No. 1" and it is equipped with ladders, a water hose, and a large spotlight mounted by the driver's seat. This photograph appears to have been taken outside of the fire station as the garages are directly behind the truck; other firefighters are standing against the wall in the background.
Date: [1909..1912]
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas