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Angelina County Lufkin Texas

Description: Photograph of the Texas Historical Committee marker that marks the location of the 1913 depot explosion in downtown Lukin. Located in the old "Cotton Square". The marker is near the south end of the square.
Date: January 27, 2010
Creator: Bell, Jim
Partner: Private Collection of Jim Bell

Guadalupe Peak Historical Marker

Description: Photograph of Texas Historical Commission Marker entitled "Guadalupe Peak". Text Reads: "Guadalupe Peak, Texas' highest mountain at 8,751 feet, dominates one of the most scenic and least-known hinterlands of the old frontier. It lies behind and to the right of 8,078-foot El Capitan, the sheer cliff that rises more than 3,000 feet above this spot to mark the south end of the Guadalupe range. Starkness of the mountainside belies the lushness which the Guadalupes conceal. Tucked away in their inner folds are watered canyons shaded by towering ponderosa pine, douglas fir, juniper and quaking aspen. McKittrick Canyon, scene of a four-mile trout stream, is also the habitat of the state's only herd of wild elk. Seer and turkeys abound. Stories of hidden gold go back to Spanish days. The conquistadors who rode north from Mexico wrote about fabulous deposits. Geronimo, the Apache chief, said the richest gold mines in the western world lay hidden in the Guadalupes. Legend holds that Ben Sublett, a colorful prospector of the 1880s, slipped off at night to a cave and returned with bags of nuggets. Probably less is known about the archeology of the Guadalupes than of any other area in the Southwest. Excavators have found spearheads, pictographs and human remains together with bones of long-extinct bison, dire wolf and musk ox in cliff caves. At hermit cave in last chance canyon, carbon-14 dating indicates occupancy 12,000 years ago. Geologically, the Guadalupes present a spectacular exposure of the famous capitan prehistoric barrier reef, said to be the most extensive fossil organic reef known."
Date: June 7, 2018
Creator: Hicks, William
Location Info:
Partner: UNT Libraries

Crockett Memorial, Ozona, plaque

Description: Photograph of a plaque at the foot of the Crockett memorial in Crockett County. It reads: "William Mozart McVey. 1905-1995. A versatile sculptor of people, animals, birds and religious symbols, McVey attended the University of Texas and taught art there and at Rice University. He played football at Rice under the legendary coach John Heisman in 1924. McVey studied and taught at Cranbrook Art Institute, graduated from the Cleveland Art Institute, was a U. S. Air Force Major in World War II and taught plane and ship silhouette recognition to allied forces. Outstanding sculptures include: Winston Churchill, British Embassy, Washington D.C.; the frieze at the base of the San Jacinto Monument, Houston; James Bowie, Texarkana, Texas; bronze doors, University of Texas Memorial Museum, Austin; bronze doors, Federal Trade Commission, Washington, D.C. and sculptured niches, National Cathedral, Washington D.C. This Art Deco style sculpture of David Crockett, hero of the Alamo, was done in 1938."
Date: August 3, 2005
Creator: Belden, Dreanna L.
Location Info:
Partner: UNT Libraries

[Treaty Oak]

Description: Photograph of Treaty Oak on Baylor Street between Fifth and Sixth Streets in Austin shows the approximately 450-year-old tree's twisting branches and trunk. A low stone wall surrounds the tree, and sun dapples the grass beneath the branches.
Date: May 1, 1941
Creator: Bureau of Identification Photographic Lab, Austin
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

[May Day play at Treaty Oak]

Description: Photograph of children playing on and around the Treaty Oak branches on May Day ca. 1925. Three girls sit and stand on the oak's low branches. A fourth girl looks on with a young boy and their caretaker. Everyone is dressed in white. The lawn is littered with children's chairs and various outdoor equipment.
Date: 1925~
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

[Photograph of Tenney House on Pace Park Road]

Description: Photograph of light-colored stone house with a raised foundation and small slit-windows at the basement level. A short flight of wood and stone steps lead up to a wood door with a small glass window, and glass panels around the frame. Drawn curtains can be seen through the windows surrounding the house. The house has two stone chimney-stacks, one on either end of the roof, and a small addition on the far right side. Handwritten notes and a sticker on the back of the photo indicate the name of the house's owners, and that the building was put on the National Register of Historic Places in the 1980s.
Date: 1977
Creator: Friedrick, Egon
Partner: Salado Public Library

[Photograph of Salado Landmark Plaque]

Description: Close-up photograph of a metal sign with a circular portion at the top and a rectangular portion at the bottom. The circular portion has a star in the middle, with text around the circumference that reads "Salado Historical Society," While the rectangular portion reads, "Salado Landmark." A red brick wall is visible in the background. Handwritten notes and a white, rectangular sticker on the back of the photograph identify the placard as a Salado Historical Society Award.
Date: unknown
Location Info:
Partner: Salado Public Library

[Historic Marker at Indianola, Texas]

Description: Photograph of a historic marker in Indianola, Texas which served as an entry port for German immigrants in the mid 19th century. The marker is made of stone and is surrounded by bluebonnets and other miscellaneous foliage.
Date: May 1957
Creator: Streng, Evelyn Fiedler
Partner: Texas Lutheran University

[Historical Marker Dedication Program for the East Sweden Presbyterian Church, Texas]

Description: Historical Marker Dedication Program for ceremonies held 1990-03-24 that recites the history of the church, including the fact that most of the East Sweden settlers in the 1880s were Lutherans but, because they could not find a Lutheran minister, they responded to a traveling Presbyterian minister, became Presbyterians, and then built the original East Sweden Presbyterian Church in 1891.
Date: March 24, 1990
Creator: Hurd, Bobbye
Partner: McCulloch County Historical Commission

[Los Nogales Historic Marker]

Description: Photograph of the historic marker for the Los Nogales structure located in Seguin, Texas. The historic marker describes the history behind both the property and structure, including who owned it, and when it was designated as a landmark.
Date: March 1991
Creator: Streng, Evelyn Fiedler
Location Info:
Partner: Texas Lutheran University

[WASP Plaque]

Description: Photograph of what appears to be a historical marker plaque with a few paragraphs of the history of WASP. The plaque begins, "Women Airforce Service Pilots Jacqueline Cochran, one of the most famous women pilots of the twentieth century..." A note written on the back of the photo reads, "Sweetwater Tex 22 May 93".
Date: May 22, 1993
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum