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Message of Governor T.M. Campbell to the first called session of the thirtieth legislature of Texas: together with the proclamation of the Governor convening the legislature in extra-ordinary session.

Description: This document is a message to the legislature of Texas from Governor T.M. Campbell. The purpose of the message was to get the legislature prepared to discuss laws concerning: simplification of court proceedings in the state of Texas, making telephone companies transmit other telephone companies messages, fair and lawful taxing of its citizens, increase business fees of both domestic and foreign businesses, and any other matters relating to the Constitution of Texas.
Date: April 17, 1907
Creator: Campbell, Thomas Mitchell
Partner: UNT Libraries

Texas Natural Resource Concervation Commission Executive Director Enforcement Guidance Document: Implementing Senate Bill 1660

Description: Report meant to guide people through negotiating an agreed order from the Texas natural Resource Conservation Commission, as well as describing cases in which litigation may be considered.
Date: January 1996
Creator: Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission. Litigation Suport Division
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Legislative Update - 82nd Legislative Session

Description: Summary of legislation from the 82nd Session that affects either the Texas Department of Criminal Justice- Community Justice Assistance Division (TDCJ-CJAD) or the Community Supervision and Corrections Departments (CSCDs).
Date: July 26, 2011
Creator: Dingman, Tracy
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The 73rd Texas Legislature, Summary of Significant Legislation

Description: This document is comprised of five sections; an overview of major issues; a list of all enrolled bill; sunset legislation; constitutional amendments; and gubernatorial vetoes. The section listing enrolled bills has been expanded this year to include the author/sponsors, relating clauses, and effective dates of the bills." (Foreword).
Date: June 1993
Creator: Texas. Legislature. Senate. Research Center.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Texas Legislature Summary of Enactments: 77th Legislature, Regular Session, 2001

Description: Summary of laws passed by the 77th Legislature of Texas, including enacted legislation, proposed constitutional amendments, changes to state agencies and governing boards, sunset legislation, vetoed legislation, and an index of passed bills (starting on page 651).
Date: October 2001
Creator: Texas. Legislature. Legislative Council.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Estudio sobre la cuestión agraria : proyecto de ley

Description: This government-produced work discusses land reform and tenure in Mexico. Completed on December 15th, 1914, the second part of this pamphlet outlines Rouaix and Novelo’s agrarian recommendations to the “First chief of the Constitutional Army, Charged with the Executive of the Nation,” Venustiano Carranza. Most significant is the call for a return to the ejido system for communal use of lands by villages in an effort to raise national productivity through effective land usage. Includes: Prontuario de las materias que comprende el proyecto de la nueva ley agraria (p. [25]-39).
Date: 1914
Creator: Rouaix, Pastor, 1874-1950. & Novelo, José I.
Partner: University of Texas at El Paso

Focus Report, Volume 74, Number 15, September 1995

Description: This is a report by the 74th Legislature presenting the fourteen amendments proposed at the general election on November 7, 1995. The report gives the procedures on amendment implementation and information on each amendment proposed.
Date: September 25, 1995
Creator: Texas. Legislature. House of Representatives. Research Organization.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Library Laws of Texas 1997: A Compilation Through the 74th Legislature, 1995

Description: Compilation of laws affecting libraries in Texas including "laws in which the words 'library,' books,' 'Texas State Library,' 'Library and Archives Commission,' and 'director and librarian' appear in whatever form [... and] on such topics as discrimination, intergovernmental cooperation, liability of public employees, obscenity, open records, public buildings and financing, etc." (p. xvii).
Date: 1997
Creator: Texas State Library and Archives Commission
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Multistate Survey on the Regulation of Equine Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Description: This report "contains information on state regulations relating to performance-enhancing drug testing of racehorses, performance horses, and show horses in California, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, New York, Oklahoma, and Texas" (Introduction).
Date: September 2012
Creator: Texas. Legislature. Legislative Council. Research Division.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Vessel Assets : Law Enforcement Off the Pavement

Description: The marine enforcement policy is to promote recreational water safety for persons and property in and connected with the use of all recreational water facilities in the state, to promote water safety in the operation and equipment of facilities, and to promote uniformity of laws relating to water safety.
Date: April 2011
Creator: Texas. Parks and Wildlife Department. Law Enforcement Division.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department