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[Photograph of the O. D. H. S. Archway in Fredericksburg]

Description: Photograph of the O. D. H. S. decorative archway in Fredericksburg. The archway has a man on top and the letters O D H S on it, and it is covered in garland and lights. The following is printed in white at the bottom: "21. TE. Gross Loge. O. D. H. S. Fredericksburg, Texas. April. 14, 15, 16, 1924." The following stamp appears on the back: "Welgehausen's Kodak Finishing, Enlarging Fredericksburg, Tex."
Date: April 1924
Partner: Gillespie County Historical Society

[Wooden Lodge Past Wire Fence and Grassy Field]

Description: Slide of small, single-story structure constructed out of horizontal wooden posts. The gable roof is missing its pediment, revealing a dark interior. On both sides, it is flanked by a short rock wall, with tall, unkempt grasses crowding it. Additionally, there appears to be a kind of outdoor chimney on the left side of the house, behind the wall. Near the foreground, a few species of flowers can be seen, as well as a wire fence. Accompanying information assigns the name "Black's Fort" to the location.
Date: unknown
Partner: Burnet County Historical Commission

[Brownsville Masonic Lodge]

Description: Photograph of a large group of unidentified men posing sitting and standing in several rows inside what appears to be a masonic lodge. The men in the front and on the sides are wearing dark suits and ties and a smaller group of men in the middle and back are wearing uniforms with sashes and hats with large light-colored plumes. In the foreground a small lectern with a book on it and a tall candleholder with three lit candles can be seen and in the background a wall with large windows flanked with columns is visible.
Date: 1920~
Partner: Brownsville Historical Association
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