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Abilene Hotel: Stair Diagram

Description: Stair diagram for the Abilene Hotel in Abilene, Texas. It includes a detailed stair diagram, detail of concrete stairs to basement, detail of grille over windows on mezzanine floor, detail of pressed steel stair, elevation of central grille motif, and detail of balcony at south entrance.
Date: 1926
Creator: David S. Castle Co.
Partner: Tittle-Luther/Parkhill, Smith and Cooper, Inc.

[Pamphlet: Día de los Muertos Celebration 2004]

Description: Pamphlet that advertises an event presented by the Mexic-Arte Museum entitled, "Día de los Muertos Celebration 2004". The pamphlet folds out to span three panels long. The cover of the pamphlet highlights the logo of the Mexic-Arte Museum, which is followed by the word "presents". The background is made up of a blurred photograph of enlarged motifs. When opened, the three panels are connected by a large, stylized illustration of a man wearing a tailcoat and running shoes in the center panel. The man's arm are held out, and he is holding skeleton marionettes that are dancing in both of the outermost panels. In addition to the dancing marionettes, the first panel also includes information concerning the date and times, location, and admission prices of the event. There is also information about a procession and major sponsors of the event. The third panel highlights a major sponsor and lists several activities and performances that will be at the event. The title of the exhibition spans all three panels. The back of the middle panel details information about the Mexic-Arte Museum, including the location, website, phone number, hours of operation, and sponsorships. The back of the first panel continues the motif background that is on the front cover.
Date: 2004
Partner: Mexic-Arte Museum