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[Dog gets custom boot for disabled foot made by Bill Myres]

Description: Newspaper clipping that talks about the stray Springer Spaniel that came to the shelter with a maimed paw. Due to this handicap, the dog apparently was self-conscious and refused to walk on the paw. To help him out, Bill Myres from the S.D. Myres Saddle Company outfitted the dog with a specialty boot that allows him to use all four paws. It took six sessions with the S.D. Myres Saddle Company to get the perfect fit for the boot - made out of genuine cowhide.
Date: unknown
Creator: Myres, Bill
Partner: Pioneer City County Museum

[Newspaper article featuring Sam Myres and three saddles made by him]

Description: Newspaper clipping featuring Sam Myres and three of his saddles made by the S. D. Myres Saddle Company. His article is featured in the El Paso Herald-Post and contains a picture of Myres standing behind the three saddles. The saddles were made to be givent o the boy and girl grand champions and the girl reserve champion of the Southwestern Championship Kids Rodeo.
Date: August 14, 1950
Creator: El Paso Herald-Post
Partner: Pioneer City County Museum

At the Athletic Club

Description: Newspaper clipping of a political cartoon by Herbert Johnson depicting two men in the dressing room of an athletic club, getting dressed in clothes held together by safety pins and nails. The man on the left asks the other man, "Your Wife Doing Any Knitting For Soldiers?" The other man answers, "Yep!"
Date: [1900..]
Creator: Johnson, Herbert
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Charles Lanier and Dace Myres at the Sun Carnival Parade]

Description: Newspaper clipping depicting Charles Lanier and Dace Myres riding at the Sun Carnival Parade. The first picture is of Charles Lanier on top of a mule that was imported from Spain. He is wearing a brown suit with a tie and brown cowboy hat. Below that is Dace Myres in a tan suit and tan hat on top of a mule.
Date: unknown
Creator: Lanier, Charles
Partner: Pioneer City County Museum

[Article about Sam Myres move to the West to chase business opportunities]

Description: Newspaper clipping that features an article about Sam Myres decision to move his business out of Sweetwater, Texas to El Paso, Texas. This decision was made due to the lessoning of ranchers that could be found in that area of Texas with more innovation coming about to make moving to other places easier and more opportunistic. The article goes on to talk about Myres son, Bill, who took on the business once his father had passed.
Date: August 26, 1986
Creator: Francis, Otis
Partner: Pioneer City County Museum

[Interview with Bill Myres about holsters]

Description: Newspaper clipping that interviews Bill Myres about the holsters made by the S. D. Myres Saddle Company. He goes on to tell a story about a man who killed an outlaw by being able to quickly draw his gun due to the high quality of the holster.
Date: March 18, 1957
Creator: Myres, Bill
Partner: Pioneer City County Museum

[Bill Myres wearing Jack Thompson's Buscadero belt]

Description: Newspaper clipping that depicts Bill Myres in a brown suit wearing a Buscadero belt. The article that is under the picture talks about Sam Myres' longevity as a leather maker. His business is known to produce dependable and good quality items. Now that Sam Myres has passed, his son, Bill Myres, has taken over the business and continues to produce S.D. Myres Saddle Company products.
Date: June 2, 1957
Creator: Wilke, L. A.
Partner: Pioneer City County Museum