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[Photograph of Road Sign]

Description: Photograph of a road sign with many arrows pointing in various directions, labeled with cities and mileage. The arrows with text visible are labeled with Tokyo, Oran, Moscow, and Berlin. A larger arrow at the top of the pole says "HOME ?"
Date: [1941..1943]
Partner: The 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum

[People Seated Outdoors]

Description: Photograph of people seated in folding chairs outside. A rope that divides the group stretches from the right of the photo to a fence on the left. A white sign stands near this fence. Trees rise in the background.
Date: unknown
Creator: Dietel, Norman
Partner: LBJ Museum of San Marcos

[120 E 8th]

Description: Photograph of the front door of a stone building behind a tall metal platform. A sign hangs on the platform with string reading, "Pardon us while we put on a new face" with a smiley face. On the back of the photograph, a handwritten note reads, "120 E 8th."
Date: unknown
Partner: Georgetown Historical Society

[Entrance Sign]

Description: Black and white photograph of the entrance sign to Mountain View College taken from street. Possibly taken by Jane Cockrell. It says Welcome to Mountain View College. A stop light is visible to the right of the sign and the street sign says Illinois. Some houses are visible in the background.
Date: 1970
Partner: Dallas County Community College District

[Candidate Supporters]

Description: Photograph of supporters of gubernatorial candidate, Don Yarborough, standing with signs in a fenced area. The group consists mainly of women and children that can be seen standing outdoors under a large awning roof. In the background to left, a bridge can be seen with two more people standing on it. A sign on a pole to the right reads, "Gate 2".
Date: May 16, 1962
Creator: Mears, Dewey G.
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library


Description: Patent for a new and improved sign. This design consists in "the combination of a frame or bed and a transparent plate set in the same, having the letter-color or gilt on its inner face, and a filling applied upon its front face to form the margins of the letter . . . [and] the wooden body, provided with a recess, in its front face, of the strip of glass gilded, silvered, or painted on its back face and inlaid in said recess, and a filling on its front face to form the margins of the letters . . . [and] the separate pieces or panes of glass, one for each letter of the sign" (lines 84-101).
Date: December 5, 1882
Creator: Munn, Frank E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

[Photograph of a Building in Fredericksburg]

Description: Negative of a building in Fredericksburg, Texas. The building is a multistory, stone building. The windows above the first story are tall and may span more than one floor. There is a sign outside the building for two hour parking. Beside the building is a tree taller than the building.
Date: unknown
Partner: Gillespie County Historical Society

[Stone Foundation]

Description: Photograph of the stone foundation of a building in a field somewhere in Texas. A building is visible to the left, and there are trees and more buildings in the background.
Date: unknown
Creator: Belden, Dreanna L.
Partner: UNT Libraries

[Photograph of Road Sign]

Description: Photograph of a street sign with arrows pointing in many different directions and labeled with cities and mileage. The cities include San Antonio, London, Oroville, Calif., Pontiac, Ill, New York, Gila Bend, Frisco, Chicago, Miami Beach, and Bowling Green K.Y. The largest arrow, at the top of the pole, says "HOME."
Date: [1941..1943]
Partner: The 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum