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[Black's Fort Stone Slab in Grassy Field]

Description: Slide of a pointed stone slab placed in the middle of an unkempt field of grass, amidst red and yellow flowers. An aged wooden fence can be seen in the back, creating a boundary between the stone and a larger field in the background. The slab bears an inscription just beneath a small relief of a five-pointed slab within a wreath. It reads: "Black's Fort - Built as a defense against the Indians in 1855 by William Black - 1815 - - 1907 - on land owned by him. In the stockade, constructed of cedar logs, sentries were kept on guard on moonlight nights * Guns and ammunition for public use were kept here * Abandoned in 1868."
Date: unknown
Partner: Burnet County Historical Commission

[Crowd Seated for an Event at a Stele]

Description: Photograph of a crowd of people seated before a large rock. The crowd, left, is made up of various ages and races of people, with some standing along the edge of the mass. To the right, a group of people are situated in a line to the sides of a rock that is half again the size of a person. The rock is broad and thin and has a hide on its front. A man in a pink shirt (Bob Green) leans against the rock to the right, while another man (Joe Blanton)stands in front of it. Cars can be seen parked in the background.
Date: 1984~
Creator: Doss, Keller
Partner: Matthews Family and Lambshead Ranch

[Stone Slab Near Water]

Description: Color slide of a stone slab on a grassy hill, a short distance away from a body of water. The slab is center right, and bears an inscription just below a high relief wreath enclosing a five-pointed star. The inscription reads: "Site of A settlement made in 1851 by 20 Mormon families under the leadership of Lyman Wight 1796-1858 * * Here they built homes, lumber mills, and shops for the manufacture of furniture * Abandoned in 1853" A smaller line of text below reads: "Erected by the State of Texas 1936" Accompanying information names the settlement Mormon Mill.
Date: 1936/..
Partner: Burnet County Historical Commission
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