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Danna Insurance Agency

Description: Composite photograph of Danna Insurance Agency (two photographs have been taped together in the back). There is a parked car in front of a single-story structure on the right side of the image. The front door of the structure bears a sign that reads "OPEN", and is flanked by double-hung windows with shutters on each side. A few feet away to the right, a trailer park bears a "Danna Ins. Agency" sign, as well as a second sign with smaller text which cannot be read with certainty. Both structures have been painted in a beige color. Telephone poles and their wires can be seen in the background, as well as a few trees and tall grasses. The years 1978 and 1985 have both been provided as founding dates for the agency.
Date: 1985
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

A. Heard Home

Description: Photograph of a single-story home in Danevang, Texas, belonging to Enor (Billy) Hermansen, previously owned by A. Heard. The house has a white exterior and intersecting dark-colored shingled gable roofs. A tall wire antenna is seen on the front lawn as well as several species of small bushes and plants. Across a walkway in front of the home, there is a parked trailer that blocks what appears to be a second structure on the rightmost side of the image. Two stamps have been placed on the back of the photograph of the same leaping fox logo and the accompanying text that reads, "Fox Photo This paper manufactured by Kodak. Jul 85 - HOU."
Date: July 1985
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Michael Nielsen Home

Description: Photograph of a trailer park home in Danevang, Texas. There are two large trees to the right of it. A dirt road is past the trees and rounds the corner of the home in the back. There are at least three visible windows, and the trailer is painted a beige color. Accompanying information states home once belonged to Michael and Shelly Nielsen, but they now live on the Walter Nielsen homestead.
Date: 1980/1990
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Pastor Moeller Home

Description: Photograph of a trailer park home in Danevang, Texas, originally home to Pastor Eric Moeller and Mrs. Moeller. The trailer has been painted yellow and red, and two large trees are on the left in front of the entrance to the home. Accompanying information states the couple retired here until Mrs. Moeller went to a rest home in 1982, after which, John Dippel took ownership and residence.
Date: 1980
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society