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[Autobiography of David Dahlberg]

Description: Autobiography of David Dahlberg written for a high school English class assignment. His work covers his ancestral and family histories as well as his life from his birth up to 1944.
Date: November 8, 1944
Creator: Dahlberg, David
Partner: McCulloch County Historical Commission


Description: Historical compilation for the Melvin Evangelical Free Church in McCulloch County, Texas. This report includes a photograph and illustration of the church followed by a short history of the church from its creation around 1910 until its reopening in 1993.
Date: 1993-11?
Creator: Malmstrom, Virginia
Partner: McCulloch County Historical Commission

East Sweden Tidings, Volume 1, Number 11, October, 1945

Description: An issue of the "East Sweden Tidings", a monthly church newsletter, first discussing the return of local troops from the Asian front of World War II. The text calls attention to a letter from Chester G. Turn, a soldier stationed in China who expresses his disdain for the state of the nearby countries in Asia. Afterward, the newsletter lists local church events, such as a harvest, an ice cream party, and a birthday. The end of the newsletter recognizes October 7th, 1945 as "World Wide Communion Sunday", a global service for protestant churches.
Date: November 1945
Creator: Dewey, Anson T.
Partner: McCulloch County Historical Commission