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[Letter from Matilda Dodd to Mary Ann Dodd and Charles B. Moore, August 19, 1882]

Description: Letter from Matilada Dodd to her daughter Mary Ann and son-in-law Charles B. Moore discussing the hot weather and how much she misses seeing them. Discusses a dress she made for her and some drawers that may be too big. She discusses other family members, including Birdie who is so high tempered that she nearly dies, but they are afraid to whip her too much as she faints because she is so nervous. Also mentions news of other family and friends. Also includes envelope letter was sent in. Addresed to Charles B. Moore, Melissa, Texas and note says received Dinkey and Mrs. Dodd, August 30, 1883.
Date: August 19, 1882
Creator: Dodd, Matilda
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[Letter from Camilla Wallace to Charles Moore, October 19, 1896]

Description: Letter from Camilla Wallace to Charles B. Moore in which she relates the health of her family; a trip up a mountain and its impact on the health of Tom; Will has a new camera; and her plans to join the camera club. Will is the secretary of the irrigation company. She is helping with the office work, which she enjoys. She plans to vote for William Jennings Bryan in the hopes of changing policies.
Date: October 19, 1896
Creator: Wallace, Camilla
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[Draft of letter, April 19, 1891]

Description: This is a draft from the personal papers of the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Moore on April 19, 1891. In this letter, Moore writes about an article written in the Dallas Weekly News on April 16 by D. B. Kiefer. The article details a "norther" that struck Texas in April of 1857. He states in this document that he writes to corroborate stories with the journalist, provide his experience through the "norther," and make a correction on the date given in Kiefer's article. The third and fourth page of this document includes genealogical accounts of Moore's descendants. He details the Wallace family and the history of some of the Wallace men who were part of an expedition sent on a charge to the Creek nation.
Date: April 19, 1891
Creator: Moore, Charles B.
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[Letter from Henry S. Moore to Charles, Mary and Linnet Moore, August 19, 1893]

Description: Letter from Henry Moore to Charles, Mary and Linnet Moore in which he jokes about starvation and then lists the food he has available to eat. He was writing the Moore family while they were visiting family in Gallatin, Tennessee. Henry writesthat he has heard that there are more buggies than hogs in Texas. He discusses the financial crisis of 1893. He also talks about farming, harvesting cotton, and canning peaches. He is interested and would like to see a six inch telescope that the "College at Whitewright" (Grayson College) is said to have. He gives details on a picnic, trips he took, the weather, and his views on politics.
Date: August 19, 1893
Creator: Moore, Henry S.
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[Letter from Lula Dalton to Linnet Moore, February 19, 1900]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Lula Dalton to Linnet Moore. In this letter, Lula informs Linnet of the goings-on in her community. The news includes: a discussion about how ill she is at present, a confirmation on the receipt of Linnet's most recent letter, details about receiving a letter from Mollie Fields, a discussion about her sewing project, news about friends who have married, a dialogue about how Dalton spent Washington's birthday, and details about when Dalton will meet Linnet at the train station.
Date: February 19, 1900
Creator: Dalton, Lula
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[Letter to their Sister and Mr. Moore, November 19, 1878]

Description: She were happy to receive the Moore's letter and were sad to hear that Mr. Moore had rose eyes. She offer some solutions to heal Mr. Moore's eyes. Mr. Dick Dobbins died. She did not go to the funeral, but felt really bad about it. She went to Dinky's house and Dinky was making a dress for her and her mother. She mentions that everyone is doing well. They had thought that Mr. Donnell had died, but he was very much alive. Mr. Joe Wallace and Mary are also doing well. Ellar is getting married to a man from Atlanta and she will be moving there. Mrs. Summers helped the Seago's make a cake. Her mother's flowers are doing well and they plan to take them to town.
Date: November 19, 1878
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[Letter from Moore family members to Mary Ann and Charles B. Moore, December 19, 1880]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by William and Matilda Moore and Bettie Franklin. The letter is damaged and is unintelligible in many places. Bettie Franklin writes to "Sis" and Charles on the first page of the document,left side.She updates "Sis" and Charles on Abe and her family and details that the weather has been cold and snowy. She mentions that Alica has had her picture taken, but it was cloudy the day it was taken so the image is dark. Bettie notes that Dinkie also plans on taking the baby to get her picture taken. She informs the Moore's of current news about the community and about friends of the family.Matilda's letter begins on the first page as well, but on the right side. She updates the Moore's on current news on family, friends, and on the community. She closes her letter by saying that she will send her one of Alice's pictures. William's note is on the bottom of the fourth page. He details news about the weather and about family friends. The letter is dated December 19, 1880.
Date: December 19, 1880
Creator: Dodd, William; Moore, Matilda & Franklin, Bettie
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[Letter to Henry and Salina, August 19, 1881]

Description: They saw Sam Thornhill and Add Nimmo and spent Saturday night at Sam's. He dropped Mary off at home Sunday and went back to meet Mrs. Susan Thornhill. Jim got married and John lives in Knoxville with his wife and six kids and owns a furniture store. He speculates that Tom and Alice Thornhill will get married. Mary and Dinky visited Abe Franklin. Abe is farming and carpentering. They went to visit their Uncle John, who is doing well. John is running a mill for $75 a month. They visited Sally who wants to see Henry and visit Texas. John and Sally's daughter played some music. They spent an hour with Billy's widow, Kate Moore. Uncle Sam Wallace is not doing well and in his will he already promised a few things to some people, but the rest would go amongst his relations. He is sorry to hear of all the drought damage for the cotton farmers. He prays for rain for Henry's crops.
Date: August 19, 1881
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[Note, January 19, 1906]

Description: Note in which Claude White agrees to pay T. B. Wilson $75.00 by August 1906 or lose the property that is being used as collateral. "Paid in Full July 7, 1906" is written on the back.
Date: January 19, 1906
Creator: Wilson, T. B.
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