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[Letters from Matilda Dodd and Adelitia McGee to the Moore family and Alice McGee, December 28-30, 1889]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. it is written by Matilda Dodd and Adelitia "Dinkie" McGee. In Matilda's first letter, dated December 28, 1889, she informs the Moore family and Alice of the happenings in Gallatin, Tennessee. The news includes: confirmation of the receipt of the Moore's letter, well-wishes for Florence's recovery, a dialogue about Christmas plans, community health updates, news about the mild winter weather and its affects on the community, a discussion about the rose slips and cherry sprouts Dodd sent to Mary Ann, details about their new neighbors, and news about family and friends. In Dinkie's letter, dated December 29, 1889, McGee informs the Moore family and Alice about the goings-on in Sumner County. The news includes: a discussion about Mattie, a dialogue about their Christmas and details on what everyone received as gifts when they were at Bettie's place, news about friends in the community, a discussion about a dinner she made and who came over to join the family, inquiries for Linnet,plans for a social, additional updates on friends in the community. She closes the letter by stating that she wants Alice and the Moore family to write soon. In Matilda's second letter, dated December 30, 1889, she updates the Moore family on the cold and rainy weather that has hit Tennessee. She mentions that Will and Abe have helped their new neighbor to build a barn and that Abe will help him build kitchen furniture this day she has written. She closes this brief letter by stating that the Moore family should write soon if they hear from Tobe and that Birdie will write later in the week. The envelope is included with the letter.
Date: 1889-12-28/1889-12-30
Creator: Dodd, Matilda & McGee, Adelitia
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[Letter to Adison Wilson, December 18, 1959]

Description: Letter to Adison Wilson from Ziza Moore, Josephus C. Moore, and Will Wallace discussing the possibility of Ziza selling his property and moving and other recent news of family and friends. Will Wallace has written a note to his Uncle Gus discussing his recent trip to his grandfather's house, school, and other news. He says that Elivra is teaching school. Some of the letter is addressed to Charles in particular. The letter was written over several days between December 18, 1859 and December 21, 1859. It has an envelope addressed to Adison Wilson in McKiney, Collin County, Texas. The envelope is torn at the top right corner, and there is a partial postmark from Tennessee.
Date: December 18, 1859
Creator: Moore, Ziza; Moore, Josephus C. & Wallace, Will
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[Postcard of a Family to Mary Moore]

Description: Postcard from Mr. and Mrs. [O. J. Bentley] to Mrs. Mary Moore. The photo on the postcard is of a family sitting out in front of their house. The mother is sitting on the steps leading up to the porch with the younger boy in her lap. The older boy is sitting on a brick column with a dog. On the back is a message wishing Mary Moore a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Date: December 24, 1913
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[Land Grant Indenture Document]

Description: Legal document for an indenture between James Winchester and Israel Moore of Sumner County, Tennessee which grants Moore land when he can pay $100 to the current owner, written October 17th, 1796. There are addenda acknowledging the land transfer, finalized in December, 1797.
Date: December 13, 1797
Creator: Tennessee
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[Letter from J. C. and Mary A. Barr to Charles B. Moore, December 3, 1865]

Description: Letter sent to Charles B. Moore from J. C. Barr discussing oil drilling in Jersey County, the health of acquaintances, railroad construction, farming, weather, as well as other family and local news. The third page of the letter is a segment added by Mary A. Barr discussing family life including visiting and gardening.
Date: December 3, 1865
Creator: Barr, J. C. & Barr, Mary A.
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[Financial note, December 15, 1879]

Description: Personal notes from the Charles B. Moore Collection. The document has a financial note on the front of the paper. The financial note states that C. B. Moore is to pay H. S. Moore $22.50 after seven months from December 15, 1879. This fragment of paper appears to have been re-used for the financial note. The back of the document has "C. B. Moore Note $22.50" scrawled over handwritten text about going to the mill.
Date: December 15, 1879
Creator: Moore, H. S.
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[Tax receipt, December 26, 1916]

Description: Tax receipt for state and county taxes in Texas for the year of 1916. The amount of $173.96 was paid by Charles D. White. This payment was made to the tax collector of Collin County. A stamp on the receipt indicates that the payment was made by White on December 26, 1916.
Date: December 26, 1916
Creator: State of Texas
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[Receipt, December 11, 1925]

Description: Receipt from the Charles B. Moore Collection. The receipt is for a month's rent ending on December 25, 1911, at E. A. Lowry's property, 3333 Montgall. The rental agreement was between Claude D. White and Lowry.
Date: December 25, 1911
Creator: Lowry, E. A.
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