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[Quarterly Return of Ordnance and Ordnance Stores, December 31, 1864]

Description: Quarterly return of ordnance and ordnance stores received, issued, and remaining on hand in Company F, 1st Regiment New York Veteran Cavalry, for the fourth quarter of 1864. The return details the amount of serviceable and unserviceable small arms and corresponding accoutrements, equipments, appendages, and ammunition, as well as parts for repair. The document was signed by Captain Hamilton K. Redway on December 31, 1864 at Kelly's Creek in West Virginia.
Date: December 31, 1864
Creator: Redway, Hamilton K.
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[Letter from Lewis Sherrilan, December 28, 1864]

Description: General Orders No. 30. Corps. and army commanders can grant leave of absence or furloughs with the following regulations. the regulations specify who and how many men can be absent at one time.There are seven regulations for leave of absence or furloughs.
Date: December 28, 1864
Creator: Sherrilan, Lewis
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[Letter from J. M. Rife, December 16, 1864]

Description: General orders No. 14. First Capt. Claflin inspection of the cavalry was good. Officers should exert themselves to the fullest. Officers and men will be taught in all that pertains to General and in the manual of Arms and dismount movements. This Order is to be read by Commanders for three days at Roll call.
Date: December 16, 1864
Creator: Rife, J. M.
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[Letter from Major General Crooks, December 9, 1864]

Description: General Order for official communications. First documents should be enclosed with synopsis on from, Intermediate Commanders should make sure it is worth the Department Commander's time. Secondly applications for furlongh and discharge will not be accompanied with Transmittal but have the application on the first fold, with necessity and nature of the application. Third letters will be forwarded through intermediate commanders unless urgent. Fourth no more papers to be presented in person by officers and enlisted men, unless absolute necessity.
Date: December 9, 1864
Creator: Crooks, Major General
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[Substitution Request from Henry S. Field to Hamilton K. Redway, December 20, 1864]

Description: Correspondence from Henry S. Field to Captain Hamilton K. Redway on December 20, 1864 requesting assistance in the substitution of Private William Thompson's son, Abel Thompson, in his place. In this letter, Field states that Private Thompson is afflicted with an organic disease of the heart. Field strongly recommends the substitution of Private Thompson's son, Abel Thompson, who is seventeen years of age.
Date: December 20, 1864
Creator: Field, Henry S.
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[Statement of Oath, December 1, 1864]

Description: Documentation of an oath sworn at Kelley's Creek, West Virginia, by Mrs. Patten and her daughters, stating: "We Mrs. Nancy Patten, Miss Amanda Patten, Miss Mary Patten, Miss Alice Patten - Do most solemnly promise and swear that in passing through the National lines, into the so called Confe-derate States, We will give no informati-on regarding the position of troops wit-hin these lines, nor any other of like contraband character, also that we will not take any packages or letters except those examined, approved, and delivered to me by the Military Authorities - & We furthermore find ourselves to remain outsi-de the National lines - during the war. So help us God."
Date: December 1864
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[Hospital Admittance Certificate, December 6,1864]

Description: Hospital admittance certificate for Privt. E. A. Edwards of Company "F," 1st regiment, N. Y. Veteran's Cavalry. The certificate states that Edwards was admitted to the hospital on July 14, 1864 and should report to Harper Ferry on December 6, 1864, the day of his release. The document also includes information about Edwards' pay which was mustered for the months of July, August, September, and October, but was not yet paid to the Private.
Date: December 6, 1864
Creator: Drysdale, J.
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