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[Peter Pauls Stewart Family Films, No. 8 - Holidays and Community Events]

Description: This home movie documents the daily lives and activities of the Peter Pauls Stewart family from December 1956 through late 1957 and includes their participation in holidays and community events. The film begins with the family celebrating Christmas Day 1956 (00:00-01:46) followed by footage of men bailing hay on Ford tractors (01:46-04:11), and picking up a young woman at a train station (04:11-04:26). The family then takes a trip to the 1957 State Fair of Texas in Dallas where they board a Texas & Pacific Train advertised as "T&P's New Modern Train" (04:29-04:40) and visit a Ford Motor Company exhibit featuring the Ford Typhoon Tractor (04:40-07:12). The Stewart children eat cotton candy and ride carnival rides on the midway including a carousel and Ferris Wheel (07:12-09:10). The film ends with footage of a youth football game (09:10-09:31) and children playing outdoors (09:31-11:49).
Date: 1956-12-25/1957-10
Creator: Stewart, Peter Pauls
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Partner: UNT Media Library

[Hill Family Films, No. 1 - Life With the Hill Family, 1954-1955]

Description: This home movie documents the daily lives and activities of the Roy E. Hill family during December 1954 through March 1955. A title card introduces the film as "filmed an edited by Roy E. Hill." The film begins with footage of the Hill family at home during December 1954 including Mrs. Hill doing dishes, Roy Hill with the family cat, and the family eating dinner. A title card reads "The Henry's" (02:05) and is followed by footage of a group of people with a baby and children roller skating, flying a kite, and flying a model airplane in a front yard. The film then shows a family in a home decorated for the Christmas holiday. Family members pose for the camera and Mrs. Hill combs her hair in front of a mirror. The title card "X-Mas Morning 1954" (06:33) is followed by footage of presents in front of a Christmas tree and family opening gifts. The title card "New Years at the Walker's 1955" (10:23) is followed by footage of people dancing, drinking and socializing on New Year's Eve. The card "Filmed and Edited by Roy E. Hill 1955" (12:08) is followed by footage of a model train set and title cards describing the train as a "Cattle Trail H-O Gauge Model." A title card, "March Cool and Windy" (13:37) is followed by footage of Roy Hill removing nails from pieces of wood, Mrs. Hill sitting outside with the cat, and Gary Hill riding a bicycle. The film ends with a card that reads "Lights on Please!" (15:15).
Date: 1954-12/1955-03
Creator: Hill, Roy E.
Partner: UNT Media Library

[Ray Family Videos, No. 5 - Live From Elkhart]

Description: This home movie documents a musical revue, "Live From Elkart" presented by the Elkhart Theatre Society, which features a variety of musical and dancing performances. Emcees are Bo Black, Kevin Hollingsworth, Harold Troutman, and Tyler Troutman. Performers include the band Rain (incl. Dwayne Ray, CJ Sigler, and Dale Balenslefen), Dean Balenslefen, Johanna Savell, Lauren Alford, Gena Black, Jean and Miria Tilson, Kim Petters, Becky Grigsby, Jayne Fincher, Kenneth Denson, Tina McLeod, Christy Ward, Margaret Earley, Chaterine Rose,Rista Bunch, Steve Weston, Angela Rodgers, Roby Steadman [sp.], Krystal Link [sp.], Chrystal Holloway, Heather Possen, Jenipher Thomas, Jamie Parker [sp.], Melaine Bost [sp.], Ashlee Parker, Jimmy Alexander, Bo Black, Kevin Hollingsworth, Manny Manusr, Marsha Neal, Judy Van Meter, Angela Brown, Barbara Cannon, Cassie Cherry, Bridgett Moore, Donna Staples, King Dixon, Aimee Quick, Melissa White, Yolanda Butler, Tina Taylor, Heather Mays, Candice Dobbs, Larry Reeves, Chris Dobbs, Heath Mays, and Brian Solleau [sp.]. Director and technical crew includes Linda Ward, Jamie Parker, Bubba Holloway, Justin Parker, Patrick Wooddell, Frank, Amanda, Rhonda Till, Jimmy, Karla MItchell, Stephanie Wilson, Alecia, Jeanette Fincer, Matt Bridges, John Owens, Kodi Cawler [sp.], Elaine Alford, Heather Lofton, Jason Easley, Chris Oden [sp.], Tim Johnson, Felicia, Bryan, Tina Taylor, and Chris Oden.
Date: December 6, 1990
Partner: UNT Media Library

[Sammonds Family Videos, No. 4 - Ron's 40th Birthday Party]

Description: This home movie excerpt documents the Sammonds family socializing at an "Over the Hill" Birthday party for Ron Sammonds for what appears to be a new home video camera. The footage includes adults and children socializing and starting a pillow fight and Ron blowing out the candles on his birthday cake and opening presents.
Date: December 13, 1986
Creator: Sammonds, Ron, Jr.
Partner: UNT Media Library