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Cotton Hauled by Mules in Oakville

Description: Photograph of James and Lee Crawford Brother's Freight Co. located in Oakville, Texas. In the foreground, loads of cotton are piled onto mule-drawn wagons. F. H. Church stands in front of the mules in the foreground. Three wagons are visible in front of wooden building. The driver of the first wagon is James Crawford. The photograph was taken at or near where Monroe Fink's office is now. If cotton was hauled to the coast for shipment, it came through Beeville.
Date: 1907
Partner: Bee County Historical Commission

A. C. Jones Home

Description: Postcard of the two-story Baroque architecture styled home of Mrs A. C. Jones located at 611 East Jones St. Philanthropist and supporter of local schools, Mrs. A.C. (Jane Field) Jones (1842-1918) built the house on this site after her husband Captain Jones’ death in 1906. Governors and other Texas leaders were welcomed here. Located on the hill where the college stands today, the first and much grander A.C. Jones home was sold to the John Flournoy and moved into town by mule and wagon. It stood facing Flournoy Park until it was razed in 1946.
Date: January 7, 1907
Partner: Bee County Historical Commission

Pipe Clamp

Description: Patent for a pipe clamp. Illustration included.
Date: March 12, 1907
Creator: Krueger, Louis; Kinkler, Emil J. & Carmichael, Oscar H.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: Patent for a trap for bedbugs made of pine wood with many nooks and crannies and springs attached to either side of the wooden block. It can be put on the bed frame and bedbugs hide in its dark recesses during the day, and then the trap can either be hit to close the springs and crush the bugs or put into hot water to drown them.
Date: July 16, 1907
Creator: Mattingly, Benjamin Joseph
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department