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Plow Attachment

Description: Patent for a plow attachment. This invention works with sweep plows and consists of a runner and secured to the end of the plow beam. Illustration included.
Date: January 1, 1907
Creator: Wiegert, Theodore & Neumann, Louis
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Description: Patent for a brooder which prevents chicks from entering after a certain number have gone through the door.
Date: November 5, 1912
Creator: Becker, August B.
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Description: Patent for a new and improved motor. This design consists "[i]n a fan motor, the V-shaped frame, the shafts journaled in the upper corners thereof, the ratchet-wheels and spur-wheels secured to said shafts, the spring-actuated pawls pivoted to the frame and engaging the ratchet-wheels, sleeves loose on shafts, and having the spur-wheels fast to said sleeves, the volute springs with their inner ends fast to shafts and their outer ends fast to wheels, the winding-shafts having the pinions engaging wheels, the shaft between [the other] shafts having the pinion, engaging wheels" (lines 19-30).
Date: February 5, 1889
Creator: Heinsohn, Ernst Theodor & Hoffmann, John
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