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Oral History Interview with John Wright, July 27, 2016

Description: Mr. Wright was born and raised in Liberty, Texas in the 1930s. HE grew up on a farm and went to segregated schools. After his graduation in 1954, he went to Prairieview A&M for a brief period of time before joining the army, where he was stationed in Germany. He returned to Texas in 1960 and began working as a medical technologist. Later, he worked for NASA on the Apollo 11 mission, the EEOC, and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. In his interview, Mr. Wright describes Liberty in the 1940s and 1950s, his experience in the army, discrimination on the job in the 1960s and 1970s, community activism, his experiences as city councilman in Ames, and his hopes for hte area's future.
Date: July 27, 2016
Creator: Wright, John; Howard, Jasmin & May, Meredith
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

Agricultural Implement.

Description: Patent for an agricultural implement related to ground treating. The implement introduces a novel mounting for a colter that will keep it in line with the draft beam, as well as aids in holding the soil-turning elements in place.
Date: November 4, 1913
Creator: Vanderwater, Daniel B.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Oral History Interview with Sandra Burrell, July 29, 2016

Description: Mrs. Burrell was born and raised in Liberty, Texas. She attended the black Catholic school until she was in 3rd grade, when the Catholic schools integrated. After graduation, she joined the Air Force. After serving for a year, she married and eventually began working in multiple positions for the city of Baytown. She returned to LIberty in the 1990s and began working for the Sam Houston Regional LIbrary. In her interview, Mrs. Burrell described segregation in Liberty, the Creole community, the relationship between the black community and law enforcement, the role of the Catholic Church, her experience in the Air Force, discrimination and clashes on the job, and how Liberty has changed.
Date: July 29, 2016
Creator: Burrell, Sandra & May, Meredith
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

Oral History Interview with Eddie Burrell, July 28, 2016

Description: Mr. Burrell was born in Turkey Creek (Liberty) in 1946. He discussed his experiences living in a segregated neighborhood and attending segregated schools. Burrell also discussed how who you knew or were affiliated with influenced your experiences during segregation. He mentioned some fights between white and Black children that occured during his childhood. Burrell was the first of his family to attend college. He was drafted into the army after dropping out of school to work following his sophomore year in college and served in Vietnam. Burrell descibed the lack of Black officers within the military structure despite a large and disproportionate amount of Black soldiers serving. He believed that it may have been attempt to "get rid" of Black folks. Burrell discussed the stigma that Vietnam veterans faced. He went back to school after leaving active duty. Burrell described benefitting from the Civil Rights Movement in terms of affirmative action in the workplace. He also described his experiences dealing with discrimination in the workplace and housing. Burrell worked as an engineer. He ultimately worked for and retired from NASA. Burrell along with his wife and others (Concerned Citizens for the Future) fought racist and discriminatory practices in the local schools that negatively effected his sons and other children.
Date: July 28, 2016
Creator: Burrell, Eddie & Howard, Jasmin
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library


Description: Patent for "a wrench in which the ratchet is inclosed, so that none of its parts will be exposed to the action of dust" (lines 16-18), provides ample lubrication, and ease of inspection. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: June 2, 1912
Creator: Sherman, Lothrop C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Bench Plane.

Description: Patent for a new and improved bench plane. This design "consists in a stirrup pivoted to the sides of the plane in such a manner that the traverse piece of the stirrup passes through a transverse groove in the under surface of the plane, this groove increasing in height toward the rear of the plane, so that when the plane is drawn backward it will be slightly raised by this stirrup, so that the cutting-edge of the plane-iron cannot slide on the board being planed" (lines 10-19).
Date: November 22, 1881
Creator: Sawyer, George Frederic
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

[Liberty, Texas Fire Department Patch]

Description: Patch from the Liberty, Texas fire department. The circular patch has a white background and red edging. Black borders form a cross in the center of the patch. "Liberty Fire Department" is written in red across the vertical points. A black and red "fire scramble" of fire-fighting equipment appears in the center.
Date: unknown
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas