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[Smith Family Films, No. 6 - A Trip to Washington, D.C.]

Description: This home movie documents a family's trip to Washington D.C., with stops along the way to visit relatives and tourist destinations. The film begins with the family at Hawk's Nest overlook in West Virginia and children riding ponies and a train in an unidentified park. During their trip to Washington, D.C., the family observes the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a military funeral, site of the Battle of First Manassas, Little Hogback Overlook in Shenandoah National Park, Michie's Tavern in Charlottesville, Virginia, the Marine Corps War Memorial, First Bull Run Monument, Monticello, a large unidentified church, Mehoopany, Pennsylvania, and a Hulburt/Hulbirt family cemetery with gravestones for Samuel J., Frank J. and wife Nora Spring, Harrison and wife Laura, Stephen, and Joseph S., the Blue Mountain and Kittatinny Tunnels, Fairview Park Methodist Church, and the Wabash River. The family also sunbathes, swims, launches a model rocket, and fishes at their campsites.
Date: 1965
Creator: Smith, Cordell & Smith, Elizabeth
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Partner: UNT Media Library

[Sammonds Family Films, No. 1 - Vacations and Family Gatherings, 1969-1971]

Description: This home movie documents the daily lives and activities of the Sammonds family including vacations and family gatherings. The film begins with footage of the United States Airforce (USAF) academy. The film includes footage of a family gathering in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with family gathered outdoors playing Frisbee, and catch, and a shot of the Ronnie Sammonds TV repair service van. The film continues with man and a woman flying a kite, observing an unidentified monument, and joking around for the camera. A group of young men and women walk down the street of an unidentified city and pose for the camera. Family members then travel to the Royal Gorge in Colorado and view the bridge from a scenic overlook. The Sammonds family participates in an outdoor family reunion at an unidentified park. On a road trip, the Sammonds shoot footage from the side of the road and from a moving car including the Gateway Arch of St. Louis, Missouri. The film continues with footage of camping in a snow-covered area, wading in water, and visiting a zoo. A trip to San Francisco includesthe Golden Gate Bridge, a trolley car, and Union Square. They next drive through Seattle, Washington into Canada and observe Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota. The film ends with the Sammonds arrival in Ohio and a canoe trip on the Little Miami River.
Date: 1969-05/1971-05
Creator: Sammonds, Ron, Jr.
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Partner: UNT Media Library

[Peter Pauls Stewart Family Films, No. 9 - Vacations and Holidays]

Description: This home movie documents the daily lives and activities of the Peter Pauls Stewart family including holidays, birthdays, and vacations during the period of 1956 through 1957. The footage begins with a trip to Disneyland (00:00-02:03) followed by Washington, D.C. (02:03-11:59). In Washington, D.C., the family watches a military parade led by President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon. The parade includes footage of the MIM-3 Nike Ajax (06:01), Martin MGM Matador (06:39), Hughes AIM-4 Falcon (06:43), the Lockheed Starfighter (06;47), tanks (09:37), and the PGM-11 Redstone Missile (09:49). Back at home in Dallas, the family celebrates Easter (11:59-13:59), Thanksgiving (15:59-21:50), and Christmas (21:50-23:49). Also included is aerial footage, shot from a Helix helicopter that includes road construction (23:49-24:48) and underexposed night aerial footage (23:49-25:36). Community input suggests that this aerial footage shows the construction of the Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike (now I-30) as the helicopter flies into downtown Fort Worth. Community input also suggests that the helicopter lands on a helipad near the Texas and Pacific (T&P) Station and the Williamson-Dickie Company building close to the intersection of Vickery Boulevard and Jennings Avenue. Additional footage at home includes Elizabeth and her brother (25:36-25:47), Christmas (25:47-27:45), Elizabeth’s third birthday (27:45-29:45), and a small child learning to walk (29:45-29:56). The family then travels by airplane to Mexico where they visit a railroad station, La Terminal Del Valle De Mexico, and swim at a resort pool (29:56-39:41). Back at home the family celebrates David's birthday (39:41-40:45), swims (40:45-42:34), and plays outdoors (43:03-43:40). The family then travels to a coastal location where they swim in a hotel pool and play on the beach (43:40-45:40). The family then visits a small airport where the children are allowed in the cockpit (45:40-47:12). The film ends with the family swimming (47:12-47:43).
Date: 1956/1957
Creator: Stewart, Peter Pauls
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Partner: UNT Media Library