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[Peter Pauls Stewart Family Films, No. 10 - Birthdays and Holidays]

Description: This home movie documents the daily lives and activities of the Peter Pauls Stewart family including holidays and birthdays. The film begins with Elizabeth Stewart's sixth birthday party (00:00-01:41) and includes footage of the family swimming and playing outdoors (01:41-03:34), a birthday party with carnival and pony rides (03:34-05:11), a wedding reception (07:13-08:18), and a Christmas celebration (08:18-13:58). The Christmas footage begins with each of the Stewart children--David, Margaret Catherine, Alan, Peter Bruce, and Elizabeth--hanging their stockings one by one on the mantle (08:18-09:13). On Christmas Day, the stockings are filled and the children enter the room to open presents (09:13-13:58).
Date: 1957~
Creator: Stewart, Peter Pauls
Partner: UNT Media Library

[McNeill Family Films, No. 3 - Holidays and Family Gatherings]

Description: This home movie documents the daily lives and activities of the McNeill Family including birthdays, holidays, and family gatherings. The film begins with Virginia, Pam, and Charlie at Charlie’s aunt Grace McNeill Robertson’s home in Floydada, Texas for a family reunion celebrating Charlie’s grandmother Luann “Honey” Honea. They escort Charlie’s cousin Barbara Ann to a bus station (00:00:42). Virginia and Pam play in front of a fountain in Grace’s yard and four generations of McNeills--Luann Honea, F.C. McNeill, Charlie, and Pam--pose for the camera (00:42-01:00). Family attending the reunion file past the camera (01:01) and Grace waters her garden (01:58), Virginia and Pam practice walking (02:03), and a group of men gather around a car (02:50). The film continues with Pam McNeill celebrating her first birthday in July 1957 (04:06-05:03) and playing at home with her mother (05:03-07:02). Virginia introduces Pam to farm animals including a donkey, pigs, and horses, and F.C. and Gladys McNeill’s home on Mission Street in Denton (07:02-08:04). The film continues with the McNeill family celebrating Christmas 1957 (08:04-14:37) and children and family members gathered outdoors (14:37-16:04). The McNeills bring newborn baby Steve home from the hospital in November 1958 (16:04-20:06) followed by footage of the family celebrating Christmas with Pam and baby Steve (20:06-24:03). Pam and Steve pose for the camera (24:03-26:04) and women are gathered for what appears to be a baby or wedding shower (26:04-27:26). The film concludes with Pam celebrating her third birthday in July 1959 (27:26-30:16) and the family gathered indoor for dinner (30:16-32:17).
Date: 1957/1959-07
Creator: McNeill, Virginia & McNeill, Charlie Wayne
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Partner: UNT Media Library

[Riley Family Films, No. 11 - Birthdays and Holidays, 1957-1958]

Description: This home movie documents the daily lives and activities of the Sam Riley family in 1957 and 1958 including Jean's third birthday (00:00-01:29), children playing on a teeter totter (01:29-02:08), Christmas lawn decorations (02:08-02:28), a family gathering with children playing outdoors (02:28-04:16), family posing with fish (04:18-04:58), Helen on an inner tube in the ocean (04:58-06:22), and a Christmas celebration with the Riley girls posing with dolls and toys (06:23-10:38).
Date: 1957/1958
Creator: Riley, Sam
Partner: UNT Media Library

[Hill Family Films, No. 3 - Life with the Hill Family, Summer 1957]

Description: This home movie documents the daily lives and activities of the Roy E. Hill family in the summer of 1957. The film begins with a title card containing a sketch of a hunter and the title "The Deer Hunt." This segment includes footage of men on a hunting trip with shots of the camp site, dead deer, men playing cards and drinking beer, and wildlife (00:00-07:52). The next segment shows the Hill family and friends preparing for a trip to Grapevine Lake, water skiing, and picnicking on the shore. The segment ends with the cards "Grapevine Lake July 27, 1957" and "Ina's Lawn Party July 4, 1957." The film continues with children playing with a water hose (09:52-10:48), the family feeding animals at a zoo (10:48-11:46), and the family driving to a lake for recreational activities (11:46-15:11). The film ends with family and friends at an outdoor gathering. Children swim in a small pool, Roy Hill grills chicken, and people socialize (15:11-17:13).
Date: 1957
Creator: Hill, Roy E.
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Partner: UNT Media Library